Airsoft Sniper Rifle Maintenance

You have bought an airsoft sniper rifle and you do not know how to maintain and clean it? Then you don’t have to worry about it, this article will explain every bit of maintaining your airsoft rifle.

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Why you need to maintain your Rifle:

  • Maintaining your Airsoft sniper rifle simply will lead to a longer life. 
  • It includes checking of internal and external parts to ensure that they work smoothly.
  • All Airsoft guns are different but they all need to be cleaned and replace their faulty parts as required. This will ensure the good working order and longer life of the weapon.
  • Care for your airsoft gun is part of being a responsible owner. 
  • Cleaning an Airsoft rifle ensures that your investment lasts for a longer time.
Airsoft rifle maintainance

Airsoft rifles come in different types with diverse degrees of quality. generally, expensive rifles come in better quality as compared to cheaper ones but maintenance of both rifles is equally important. and airsoft sniper rifles hurt typically deliver a moderate sting upon impact, but the pain level varies based on factors like distance, FPS, and personal tolerance.

Why Airsoft Sniper Rifles malfunction:

Depending upon the type of your Airsoft gun there can be a variety of reasons for its malfunctioning. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons:

⦁ Inside the barrel, there is dirt or residue

⦁ Damaged or dirty BBs

⦁ Damaged nozzles

⦁ Damaged hop-up

⦁ Tight hop-up

Now that you know all the WHYs, lets come to HOWS

Cleaning Guide:

Is there a proper way to care for an airsoft sniper rifle to keep it in good operating order and extend its life? 

yes, an Airsoft cleaning guide is written below for your help:

⦁ Cleaning the Barrel

⦁ Cleaning the Exterior

⦁ Lubricating Your Gun

⦁ Magazine Maintenance

⦁ Power Source Maintenance

Make sure to turn the safety off before cleaning the Airsoft gun, for your personal safety and safety of your loved ones near you.

Cleaning The Barrel:

Cleaning the Airsoft barrel is the most basic step of airsoft sniper rifle maintenance. This step requires a cleaning rod and a paper towel.

Using your cleaning rod’s eye, tear a strip of paper towel and thread it in. Spray a particular lubricant on the paper towel, then insert the cleaning rod into the barrel, paper towel strip first.

Move the rod up and down, side to side, and around the inside of the barrel until you’re satisfied that it’s clean. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Cleaning the Exterior:

You can wipe the exterior of the gun if needed. I will recommend you to use cotton strips for cleaning smaller spaces.

Lubricating Your Gun:

If your rifle is not working smoothly, you may need to lubricate the hop-up or gearbox. Lubrication is an important step of Airsoft maintenance regardless of what gun you have.

It’s essential to decompress the gearbox before cleaning an electric airsoft pistol.

Remove the magazine and fire a few times to make sure there are no BBs. This again is for the safety of yourself and your near and dear ones. 

Now put the gun in an upside-down position in your lap because we are getting to work. To lubricate the gearbox you need to remove the motor, and put few drops of silicone oil in it. Wait for few minutes and wait for the oil to seep down.

 If you are disassembling your gearbox then you can also use white lithium grease, it is no doubt the best lubricant. It might be a bit hard to apply it without disassembling the gearbox. 

Make that you give the oil enough time to soak in.

Magazine Maintenance:

You also need to take good care of the magazine in order to perform it. These are comparatively easier to replace if something gets wrong, but who wants to spend more money than they have to?

Depending upon the type of gun you own, the method of magazine maintenance is different for all. If you own a spring sniper rifle, you have to empty the magazine when you finished playing, it will preserve the spring strength. This will surely increase the lifespan of the magazine.

As long as taking care of gas magazine is concerned, it takes a bit more care than the usual magazines. Also, paintball and airsoft offer distinct gameplay experiences as well. All of the required components will remain intact if the magazines are left compressed. If you are using a gas that does not have silicone lubricant in it, put a few drops on intervals. Always avoid using the release valve while removing gas from an airsoft pistol. Otherwise, the O-ring might freeze, resulting in a future gas loss.

Maintenance of the Power Source:

Electric airsoft sniper rifles are the most common variety these days. The most crucial part of their care involves looking after the batteries. Battery maintenance is as important as taking care of the rest of the Airsoft gun. 

These days, electric airsoft sniper rifles are the most popular. The first step is to determine the right battery voltage for your airsoft pistol. Using higher voltage than recommended ones may permanently harm the internal parts because it forces the gearbox to work harder. Likewise, if you are using a battery with less voltage, you won’t be able to fire the gun.

Some electric airsoft guns come with their specific battery and charger, so it is easy for you to buy. Also do not overcharge the battery beyond the given time limit.

Maintenance tools: 

Here is the list of some main tools required for the maintenance of your airsoft rifle: 

  • Hex drivers
  • screwdrivers 
  • A hobby knife
  • Greases and oils (for lubrication ) 
  • Nut drivers (not necessary for all guns)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Airsoft gun Maintenance:

The Do’s: 

⦁ Leave a small amount of gas, this will lubricate the O-ring even when the gun is not in use.

⦁ Avoid weakening the recoil spring.

⦁ Avoid weakening the follower spring.

The Don’ts:

⦁ Do not release all gas, it will cause permanent leakage due to frozen O-ring.

⦁ Do not slam the magazine in the gun. The nozzle will break which will result in a misfire.

⦁ Do not rapid fire. It will freeze the O-ring.

Regular Maintenance:

How Frequently Should I Clean My Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

 It is necessary to repair your airsoft gun regularly in order to ensure that it functions smoothly. While it is critical to keep your airsoft pistol clean, you must be careful not to overdo it in order to retain the gun’s quality. Only clean your gun after a period of use.

Importance Of Regular Maintenance:

Airsoft weapons and accessories are usually a significant investment, but with proper care, they can endure for many years. Regular maintenance is important not only to save your money but it will also impact your performance. 

Airsoft rifle maintainance 
Cleaning the muzzle

⦁ enhanced accuracy

⦁ increased shooting speed

⦁ increased FPS velocity

⦁ decreased jamming

In addition to regular maintenance, there are some other ways that will prolong longer life span of your gun. Other strategies to extend the life of your pistol include:

⦁ Using the proper sized BBs 

⦁ Following the proper BB, loading procedure

  • Do not overcharge the battery

⦁ Disassemble your gun only if you are an expert at it

Assembling And Disassembling The Sniper Rifle:

 You might need to disassemble your gun from time to time to check for issues. The easiest way to practice this is using a less expensive secondhand pistol.

Take some time to disassemble the gun, examine its parts and operation, and then reassemble it. By doing so, you will be able to detect any flaws in the weapon.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of the pieces and how they function, and then you’ll be able to solve issues on your own.

How To Store Your Airsoft Gear?

When it comes to keeping an airsoft gun and its components, you should treat them as if they were actual firearms. Even while an airsoft weapon can’t do as much harm as a real gun, it may still cause injury if it falls into the wrong hands or isn’t handled properly, so keep it locked up in a gun cabinet, safe, or lockbox. Keep your airsoft goggles in a clean dust free box.

 Because they’ll be locked up for a long time, make sure they’re clean and well-maintained before keeping them. The designated storage place must be available. 

Life Span Of An Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

The manufacturer provides a warranty term for all airsoft weapons. This might last anywhere from 30 days to a year or more.

Most individuals find that their firearms stay in good operating order for three or more years with correct use and frequent care and maintenance. Still the life span is a lot dependent upon the care you take of your weapon. 

How To Maintain An Airsoft Sniper Rifle’s Gas:

Cleaning and maintenance methods for your airsoft sniper rifle will vary depending upon the type of power source it employs.

If you’re using a gas-powered airsoft gun, you’ll need to follow a few extra steps to keep the gas efficient.

  • Regularly inspect the seals to ensure there are no gas leaks
  • Examine the space between the gas router and the loading nozzle, as well as the space between the hop-up chamber and the loading nozzle
  • If there are the frequent leak sources, then changing the seal is a simple repair

Note: There’s no need to take the gas out of your pistol between uses. It can stay safe inside the chamber until you’re ready to use it again.

An airsoft gun has been created to have a long-lasting atmosphere that is appropriate for the high pressure required for gas, and there should be no problems as long as it is not left in direct sunlight.

When removing anything from an airsoft gun, do not use the release valve as you would with a real gun. If you do this, the O ring will most certainly freeze, and your pistol will leak gas the next time you use it.

Taking Care Of The Springs In An Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

Because spring-powered Airsoft sniper rifles rely on the spring to drive the BB down the barrel, you’ll want to make sure the spring is in excellent operating order and capable of completing the required motions.

The best approach to maintain moving parts like the trigger, slide, and where you feed the magazine into the rifle is to clean and spray them with a lubricating oil spray. Make sure there’s no remaining oil by wiping it off with a clean towel before putting everything back together. 

Cleaning and maintaining your airsoft gun on a regular basis guarantees that it will function reliably for a long time. Understanding how it works and the fundamental process will assist you in determining what needs to be addressed and resolving any problems before they become severe.

Take out time to show your rifle some love !!