Airsoft Sniper Rifle Hop Ups

Hop up is found in each airsoft as a vital part in it due to the velocity which is lost while the BBs travel and leave the barrel. A hop up is an instrument to put a backspin on the BB, which supports it to fly higher without coming down rapidly. This is how the Magnus effect is interpreted. The amount by which BB falls lowers down because of the lessened air pressure at the top of the BB by the backspin. 

Airsoft Sniper rifle hop ups

Hop up unit basically is a space that carries a rubber bucking which allows the BB to pass through. The nub present there is considered as a minor jut that hampers the top of the BB for a split second and transmits a backspin.

The hop ups can be altered according to the need and willingness of the players according to the current game situation. Though, backspins can surpass 120,000 rpm.

Parts of Hop Up:

To have assurance that hop up works accurately and compatibly it contains separate parts.


The chunk of rubber which is connected with the BBs to transmit backspin is known as bucking. The bucking has two main advantages. The first one is to make an air seal near by the barrel. Supplying space for the nub so friction is exerted to the BB has to be the second benefit. It is necessary to have a bucking that fits perfectly and has the suitable hardness because it is linked with the BB. 


A nub comes in many shapes but, most of the times cylindrical shape is seen. The force is applied to a minor area through the bucking of the BB. The hop up arm propels down the nub.


The relation barrel has with the hop up chamber which holds on to the clip is very vital as it stops it from revolving. The main reason behind it is to have the barrel window at the top. The hop nub pushes the bucking at the barrel window. After turning the barrel, the BBs uppermost corner would face the energy. Better quality of barrel would mean significant accuracy and range. Even minor inconvenience in the inside of barrel could act as a hindrance to achieve an exact shot.


It is known as a house for the complete hop up system. The BBs are filled into the chamber through magazine. The nozzle that goes in to throw the air out that moves the BBs is a part of chamber too. Chamber houses the adjustment lever too which switches the hop level.  

Hop up Arm:

What moves while altering the degree of the hop up is hop up arm. The nub is impelled down by the arm which then puts more pressure on the BB. 

Types of Hop Ups:

Hop-ups come in various types. The types are defined by the internal space of the replica. To accommodate the different levels of adjustments or ease of construction distinct designs are innovated. But, three main types are Standard Hop, R Hop and Flat Hop.

types of hop ups
Type of hop ups

Standard Hop:

This one is said to be the most cost effective and easy to use airsoft. The nub, which assists the rubber bucking   (Has a connection with the BB) is fixed with the arm. The arm is flexible and allows the player to set the pressure accordingly by the nub. A tiny adjustment wheel beyond the dust cover is used to regulate the hop up.

R Hop:

This one is considered to be the tough one. But, when installed perfectly a lot more compatibility, precision and better shots are witnessed. Basically, it’s worth the wait. Instead of poking the top of the BB, the rubber patch under the bucking serves as a cushion which leads to a more accurate and specific hop this is why it is more known to the players.

type of hop ups

Flat Hop:

Flat Hop is the modified version of the standard hop. The basic change between both is that flat hop was innovated to increase the contact between the BB and the surface. Mainly, the nub which is installed is larger in size, so the BB may have a longer contact than it would have with a basic nub. A vigorous backspin is transmitted and the wobbles are balanced.

Degrees of Hop-Up:

Hop-ups vary in the matter of gentleness of rubber material and the density. Softer hops are known for its impressive results on the BBs and finer grip. Harder hops are considered to be more dependable and have better permanence.

– Soft hops are classified into low degree the, range is between 50 to 60 degrees.

65 – 70 / 75 are considered to be in the medium.

Hard are 75 to 80 degrees and above

Another important side that should be considered is the temperature reaction of said hop-up bucking. The partial freezing or not of the bucking in the cold weather definitely depends on the thickness. It is seen that the softer bucking warm up faster and better during gameplay with fired BBs through friction. Particular material is used by some companies so they have a finer performance in cold weather. So, the need to buy lower degree bucking is lessened. 

Adjusting the hop-up:

When the airsoft rifle is purchased from the store, the hop-up is at the default setting. You need to try the airsoft first to see how much adjustment is needed to have a more accurate hit for targets as the default setting is not for the actual game. It is important for you to adjust the hop-up because this is the device that increases your accuracy. There is another possibility for you if you have a high skill in hitting your targets very accurately then you may not need to adjust the hop up. 

Adjusting Airsoft Sniper rifle hop up

Some basic steps to adjust the hop up of your airsoft sniper:

Step One:
  • At first all you need to do is find an open field away from the general public. Make sure you have space for a target at least 50 feet away. Torso size is preferred. 
Step Two:
  • If everything is safe and sound then, eject from two to three shots at the target. The direction of BBs should be verified after firing.
Step Three:
  • If your observation made it clear that the BBs are going down, then the hop up of the rifle should be turned on.

The word ‘up’ in the hop up should be noted. The device should be turned in that direction so the BBs can go up.

Step Four:
  • In case BBs are going up, all you need to do is turn the hop up down. The hop up device would have the ‘down’ indicator at the opposite of the ‘up’ indicator. Turn it down so the BBs can come down.
Step Five:
  • At first the target may not be achieved due to the default setting. All you need to do is redo step four and five until the right hop setting is achieved. 
Step Six:

-As soon as you hit your target accurately know that your hop is adjusted. Most likely there would be no movement in the direction of the BB neither going up, nor going down.  The most important tip to set the hop is to have your target at a long distance. If your target is too close that would lead to you regulating the rifles hop faulty as the parameters you’ll receive will always be flawed.


Hop up is the primary part of the airsoft gun as it affects the BBs. It doesn’t really affect the FPS. So, it is necessary to have the maximum information to have more accuracy and a better range at the field.


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