Announcement 2

We at are pleased to officially announce that we have purchased business namely and we will be running it under our name and style from now on. This is first step in our expansion plan. We are a dynamic and growing business and we will keep on adding to our business profile. We are thankful to our visitors for their continued support.

We assure you that our team will keep you updated with all the experienced based reviews. We will always be there with the information you seek for the love of this wonderful game of airsoft. Keep on hitting the targets, keep on hitting them from a distance they can not even touch the air of you.


  • William McArteer

    Hitting the enemy from where he can not even see a glimpse of me, has always been my dream. This has been the driving force behind my strive for becoming a professional airsoft rifle sniper. Fifteen long years that I have spent in training and practicing gives me knowledge that helps me pick the right choice for you.