Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Over 500 fps – Review

To have the better experience at the airsoft battlefield, the below listed best airsoft sniper rifle over 500 fps are the best choices

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle over 500 fps

Snipers are tremendous for targeting the opponents accurately from a long distance. So if you are taking interest in becoming the most challenging sniper expert, then you need to get the best airsoft sniper rifle over 500 fps. The airsoft sniper rifles are best to shoot down long-distance targets precisely.

Standing out as a pinnacle of precision and power, the ASG McMillion M40A3 Gas-Powered sniper rifle is unrivaled among the best Airsoft Sniper Rifles with over 600 FPS.

The second big advantage of these airsoft sniper rifles that makes them suitable to use on the battlefield is that they do not create any noise during shooting and retain silence on the battlefield. This in return is the plus point for the user to target the enemies even when they are around the corner. For further details stick to this article as I have reviewed the three best airsoft sniper rifles.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Over 500 fps

1. 500 Fps Well Fire Mk96 Full Metal Bolt Action Awp Type 96 Sniper Rifle

500 Fps Wellfire MK96

MK96 from Wellfire is surely an accurate long range airsoft sniper rifle.

  • Long Barrel resulting in long distance accurate shots
  • Powerful bolt action
  • Durable construction

This is one of the best airsoft sniper rifle that is suitable for beginners as well as advanced players. This rifle, a 500 fps airsoft sniper, boasts a tough metal body, ensuring high durability and shock resistance. The best part of this sniper is that it is a high-end weapon that is available in an affordable price range.

Accuracy of 150 feet distance shot by mK 96

This long barrel, heavy realism, quiet shot airsoft sniper rifle has an adjustable magnification of 3 which is suitable for getting accurate shots from a far distance. This MB01 model is suitable for professional shooters that are designed with a comfortable one-piece rear. The MP40 airsoft replica captures the iconic design of the original with impressive realism, making it a sought-after choice for WWII enthusiasts and players. The best part of this rifle is the delivery of a high-shot accuracy precision barrel.

Another most noticeable feature of this sniper is the style which is a powerful bolt action AWP 96. This durably constructed best airsoft gun under 200 dollars has two modes of shooting, i.e., auto-mode and semi-auto mode, which the user can select according to the situation on the battlefield. In order to improve the fps, the AEG spring is released with irregular pitch spring along with stiffer.

  • Adjustable magnification scope of 3x
  • AWP bolt action 96 style
  • Precision barrel delivers high shot accuracy
  • Most of the spare parts are made of plastic

This is one of the best and high-end weapons for advanced snipers providing high accuracy of shots through the precision barrels. The material from which it is constructed is of premium quality metal that makes the weapon sturdy and tough. The most amazing feature of this airsoft sniper is that it is constructed with an adjustable magnification scope of 3x.

My personal experience with this gun has always been fantastic. Main reason being it’s top notch accuracy. Hitting the target where you actually intended to hit, gives a pleasure only a sniper can feel.

2. Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps-550 Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun

M 187D Wellfire
  • All the accessories included
  • Upgrade options available
  • Comes with adjustable magnification scope

This is another best option for those buyers who wants to have all the accessories included while buying the best airsoft sniper rifle over 500 fps, then this is one of the best options for you to opt for. The best part of this weapon is that all its spare parts including rail, barrel, scope, and many other outer parts are made of high-quality metal, making them tough and highly durable. This is best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle 500 FPS.

187D Wellfire after upgradation

There is an option available for upgrading this weapon to the users where they can improve the features by intensifying the trigger box and spring power. Since the airsoft field requirement is greater fps, the weapon has over 500 fps and is capable of targeting enemies from a far distance. Further, by the bolt lubrication, the accuracy of this weapon can be further increased.

For switching the faster and upgraded form of this sniper into the simple and normal one, simply insert the weaker spring in the weapon for downgrading. The adjustable magnification scope helps the user to target the far distance shots easily without being targeted by the enemies. Along with many accessories, the bipod is also included.

  • Highly durable
  • Can easily be downgraded
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Extra lightweight

This affordable yet lightweight airsoft 500 fps sniper targets enemies with distant shots, ensuring high accuracy. The weapon is made of premium quality metal making it highly durable and tough. The most amazing part is that it comes with all the necessary accessories like scope, barrel and rail. Hence it is the best airsoft sniper rifle over 500 fps.

This beauty is loved by a large number of pro snipers due to it’s easy to carry weight, affordable price and upgradability. Personally I have always loved it especially when have to carry it around large airsoft fields.

3. 510 fps Wellfire VSR-10 Urban Combat Full Metal Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

VSR-10 Wellfire
  • Innovative features
  • Highly durable
  • Rails on top and bottom.

This is the best airsoft sniper rifle over 500 fps having many innovative features, keeping the user sharp on the battlefield. Talking about its design and material, the sniper is made of polymer which is of thick texture, contributing to making the weapon highly durable. The weapon can turn into a compact size by easy folding stock. This adjustable stock is also durable due to the polymer that is used in making it.

Wellfire VSR 10 unboxed a new one

The rest of the parts of this rifle are made of premium quality aluminum and steel. The innovative feature of this weapon is that for better mounting optics, the rails are included at the top as well as at the bottom along with the bipod. The adjustable magnifying scope of 3-9×40 is included along with the back mono pad.

Many other features include the buttstock plates and monopod cheek riser that facilitates the user to customize the weapon accordingly. For increasing further durability, the outer barrel of the sniper has a satin finish. This ergonomic airsoft sniper is lightweight, easy to assemble, and travel-friendly, suitable for outdoor battlefields.

  • Polymer material construction
  • Buttstock plates for customization
  • Includes foldable stock
  • Adjustments of cheek rest are not well designed

It is the best and the most ergonomic sniper, suitable for professionals and advanced players. It is lightweight and easy to carry with effortless adjustments. The folding stock and upper parts of the weapon are made of polymers making it further durable and long-lasting. For experiencing the better mounting optics, this sniper has rails on the top as well as on the bottom along with a back mono pad.

Me with my VSR 10 on airsoft battlefield
Me with my Wellfire VSR-10

4. Hatsan Hydra QE PCP Airsoft Sniper Rifle | Best Airsoft Sniper Under 300

Hatsan Hydra QE PCP
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Walnut Stock
  • Metallic Barrel

Be a one-man army, use different caliber shots and confuse your opponent about your number. You are a dynamic sniper, you need a dynamic airsoft sniper rifle, Hatsan Hydra QE PCP is the one for you.

The beauty is a ground breaking innovation with multi caliber using Versi-Cal technology. You can switch between different calibers using a single thumb screw. This means different range and fps with a simple switch. Amazing isn’t it. We loved it every time we have used. Really a fun to shoot gun.

Constructed from a Turkish walnut stock comes with rubber pads, Quattro trigger gives the feel of a real gun in hands. Metallic barrel is precision made fully shrouded and choked. Giving rise to extremely accurate shots. But remember it is the man behind the gun that shoots it.

Metallic barrel and walnut stock of Hatsan Hydra QE PCP the highest fps 500+
Rubber recoil pads of Hatson Hydra for comfortable 500+ fps shoot
Thumb screw to swap caliber of Hatson Hydra QE PCP for enhancing fps above 500

The barrel is constructed to withstand high fps generated by Pneumatic pre-charged gas cylinder. The side bolt operated operation is quite realistic which have reported by a few newbies to be a bit hard to pull.

  • Multi caliber swapping
  • Realistic
  • Classic Walnut stock
  • High fps
  • Hard to pull bolt

5. Gamo Swarm Whisper Multi-Shot Air Rifle

Gamo Swarm Whisper
  • Less Noisy
  • Durable Construction
  • Polymer jacketed Metallic Barrel

Gamo has presented yet another masterpiece budget friendly high fps airsoft sniper rifle. With super quiet shots due to Gamo’s signature sound dampening technology, you are sure to hit the target stealthily.

Automotive-grade glass-filled nylon all-weather stock with textured grip and forearm adds to durability and control over shot. Patented polymer jacketed steel barrel is yet another cherry on cake. Durability and precision are the most noticed features as reported by most of the users.

Suppressor of signature sound dampening technology of Gamo Swarm high muzzle velocity airsoft sniper rifle
Ventilated Recoil Rubber pads on Gamo Swarm

The gun comes with a 4X32 scope that helps in accuracy of shots. There is an 11mm dovetail optics rail for attaching it. Ventilated rubber recoil pads/butt plate add to the comfort of shots.

Two stage trigger with 3.53 lbs. trigger pull unleashes 500+ fps shot, powered by IGT Inert Gas Technology gas piston. Rotary magazine has a maximum capacity of ten rounds, which may be felt a little less by some. But take my words on it, if you can not do it in one shot, you won’t make it even in ten.

Adjustable trigger of Gamo Swarm
Rotary magazine of Gamo Swarm
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate
  • Silent shots
  • Scope is not of good quality

We really loved this remarkably accurate rifle. At this high velocity I was able to get a nice 3” group over a distance of 150 feet. So if accuracy is what you are looking for, this is the gun you MUST have

6. KWA KM16BR – M16 Battle Airsoft Sniper Rifle

  • Realistic
  • Durable Construction
  • Easily upgradable

KWA KM 16 BR is perfect for anyone who is pro enough to get into high fps airsoft games. 

Among airsoft rifles, this one is one of the best and most dependable. It fires.20-gram bbs at a rate of 500-535 fps highest fps airsoft sniper. It feels and looks realistic in size and weight. Additionally, this gun is easily upgradable. The outer body is made of polymer, but the interior is made primarily of metal. Polymer is used for the lightweight sights, stock, and handguard. The rigger and sights are both made entirely of metal.

This magazine can take a beating and still keep on ticking. Even after I shattered it and drooped it, it continued to function. It’s metal, and it can store about 300 rounds. Personal experience, I’ve never experienced a jam. The “adapter” (the part of the gun where you lock the magazine) is compatible with a number of magz. For example, I have a 5,000 round auto winding magazine that fits beautifully on the rifle.

Polymer mag of KWA KM 16 BR
Polymer body and metallic barrel of KWA KM 16 BR battle airsoft sniper rifle 500 fps

The handguard is much longer than it seems at first glance. About 12 inches in length. Polymer construction with rivets for enhanced hold. You cannot attach larger accessories like as fore grips, sights, lasers, and spotlights here. It will cost you between $80 and $120 to replace this part with a new 12-inch rail.

Excellent rear sight. Removing it is a breeze. When you take this off, you’ll find a rail perfect for attaching sights or scopes. Adjustability is also high for the rear sights. You can actually carry the gun with this sight.

Metallic Barrel of KM 16
Hand and rail of KWA KM16BR

The gun’s weight is the one major drawback for me. The rifle may be 25% polymer, but the metallic inner parts add to the weight. There are at least 10 pounds of metal in this gun.  It also doesn’t come with a sling, which would be nice to have for a heavier gun.

  • Highly durable
  • Upgradable
  • Compatible with other market available products
  • Heavier weight

We loved this gun for its reliable and durable construction. Highly accurate and upgradable.

7. TSD Tactical SD94 FPS-450 | Best Spring Airsoft Rifle

  • Spring-Piston
  • Durable Construction
  • Easily upgradable

The TSD tactical SD94  FPS 450 is a spring spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle that is designed specifically for close-range accuracy and it is ideal for long-range combat. Metal is used for the construction of the weapon.

And the stock is made to look like wood. There is a 6mm caliber option available with a muzzle velocity of 450 feet per second and a caliber range of 6mm and 8mm.

Many airsoft sniper rifle players are looking for the power and accuracy of a sniper rifle and TSD tactical SD94 FPS450 offers their players an option that fits their needs. As well as being relatively easy to maintain it is also relatively affordable.

The TSD tactical SD94 FPS450 offers a cheap airsoft sniper rifle 500+ fps. It caters to airsoft players seeking a powerful and accurate weapon, all while maintaining a reasonable price point and ease of maintenance.

It is not quite like some of the other sniper rifles and it requires cocking every time the gun is fired after every hot. The TSD 94 is the best option for those who are looking for a powerful and accurate sniper rifle for airsoft.

However other options you may want to consider if you are looking for a quiet sniper rifle one that doesn’t require you to manually cock the rifle after each shot.

  • Stock with a wood-like appearance

  • Hop-up that can be adjusted
  • Scope included
  • Long-Range use can be difficult


  • Spring-Piston
  • 4.1 Pounds
  • Repeater

To get the best out of this airsoft sniper rifle it is recommended to use one made of high-quality materials such as the TSD tactical series SD700. 

With a metal body and a wooden stock, the gun has a realistic look and feel as it features a metal body and a wooden stock. This rifle is considered the best airsoft sniper rifle with 500 fps. It’s equipped with a 6.03mm inner barrel, which increases the accuracy and range of the weapon as it is.

There is no need for batteries to operate the TSD tactical series SD700 as it is powered by a spring which means that batteries are not required. As a result, it created a better option for airsoft sniper players looking for a weapon that can be used as a weapon regardless of the environment in which they play

There are also several additional features built into the rifle that enable it to be a versatile and effective weapon. Among the features that can be found in these products are.

  • To adjust the trajectory of your shots you will need to use an adjustable hop-up unit.
  • This handgun comes with a 20-round magazine which gives you plenty of ammunition for extended games.
  • To increase the accuracy of shots you will need an iPod to stabilize your rifle.

For those who are looking for a high-quality quality reliable and versatile sniper rifle at the lowest possible price, the TSD tactical series SD700 is a great choice for airsoft players. Whether you are a beginner or an expert this weapon is perfect.

A few more details about the TSD TACTICAL SERIES SD700 are as follows.

  • The length of this product is 1100mm.
  • The weight of this product is 3.5kg.
  • 450mm is the length of the barrel.
  • The diameter of the inner barrel is 6.03mm.
  • There is a capacity of 20 rounds in the magazine.
  • Adjustable hopup bar.
  • Source of power 

There is no doubt that the TSD TACTICAL SERIES SD700 airsoft sniper is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality quality reliable and versatile airsoft sniper rifle. There is no doubt that it is a weapon for both beginners and experienced players.

  • Material and construction quality
  • Battery-free and powered by a spring
  • An adjustable hop-up unit and a 20-round magazine make it versatile and effective
  • Some spring-powered sniper rifles may be more powerful
  • Airsoft guns require more maintenance

9. GAMEFACE 52004 SNIPER CARBINE GF29 | Best Budget Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft sniper
  • Spring-Piston
  • 4.1 Pounds
  • Repeater

GF29 is the GAMEFACE 52004 SNIPER CARBINE GF29, an airsoft sniper rifle made from lightweight durable materials that is spring-powered and made to meet the needs of tactical professionals. 

With a synthetic stock and a metal barrel, it is a good combination of weight and performance giving it a good balance between weight and power. Furthermore, the rifle is equipped with 29 29-round magazines as well as a hop-up unit that helps to improve the accuracy of the rifle.

As a budget-conscious airsoft player who wants to find a reliable and easy-to-use sniper rifle that is easy to use, the GAMEFACE 52004 sniper is a good option. There is no doubt that it is not the strongest or most durable sniper rifle on the market, but for the price, it is a good deal.

Here are some of the features.

  • Spring powered operation
  • Metal barrel for durability
  • Synthetic stock for lightweight and comfortable handling
  • 29 round magazine
  • Adjustable hop-up unit
  • Dual Picatinny rails for mounting accessories.

The GAMEFACE52004 SNIPER CARBINE GF29 is a good choice for airsoft players who are looking for a reliable and affordable sniper rifle. It is easy to use and maintain and it is accurate enough for most players.

However, it is not the most powerful sniper rifle on the market so it may not be suitable for experienced players who are looking for a long-range weapon.

  • Easily transportable and compact
  • Good grip and comfort from synthetic stocks
  • The 29-round magazine is easy to load
  • Some players may find it too weak
  • Airsoft guns require more frequent maintenance

10. WELL MB4411G airsoft sniper rifle | Best Airsoft Sniper Out of the Box

  • Spring-Piston
  • Quad Rail System
  • Full Metal Fluted Outer Barrel

High-quality materials are used to construct the WELL MB4411G airsoft sniper rifle. In addition to the metal body, it features a wooden stock, giving it a realistic look, in addition to the fact that it feels good. A 6.03mm inner barrel is also attached to the rifle, ensuring accuracy and an outstanding range.

A WELL MB4411G is powered by a spring which means that it does not require any batteries to function. As a result, it makes it an excellent option for airsoft players who are looking for an airsoft rifle that can be used in any selling no matter how harsh.

In addition, the rifle is also equipped with several features that enable it to be a weapon that is both versatile and efficient, among these features are the following.

  • To adjust the trajectory of your shots you will need to use an adjustable hop-up unit.
  • It comes with a 30-round magazine which means you will have plenty of ammunition to play for a long time.
  • To increase the accuracy of your shots, you will need a bipod to stabilize your rifle.

WELL MB4411G is a high-quality quality reliable and versatile sniper rifle that is perfect for airsoft players who are in search of high-quality, reliable, and versatile sniper rifles. Whether you are a new player or an experienced player this weapon is perfect for both of you.

The WELL MB4411G has the following additional features,

  • The length of this item is 1150mm
  • There is 3.8kg of weight in this product
  • There is a barrel length of 450mm on this model
  • The inner diameter of the barrel is 6.03mm
  • There are 30 rounds in the magazine
  • The hop-up can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • Spring is the source of power for this device.

There is no doubt that WELL MB4411G is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality quality reliable and versatile airsoft sniper rifle. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. This weapon is the perfect choice for you.

This WELL MB4411G sniper rifle is a great choice if you are looking for a high-quality quality reliable and versatile airsoft gun for you or your friend. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player this weapon is perfect for you.

  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Accurate and long-range
  • Powered by a spring, so it is reliable and does not require batteries
  • Can be heavy for some players
  • May not be as powerful as some other spring-powered sniper rifles


There is a specific range of fps from 200-400 that is suitable for average users, whereas best airsoft sniper rifle 500 fps and over 500 can be used by professionals. Mostly the airsoft snipers come with the fps range of 100-500.

The average shooting distance of an airsoft sniper having 20g BBs with 400 fps covers the distance of 100 feet.


If you want to become a sniper expert in an airsoft field, then it is necessary that you should have the best airsoft sniper rifle over 500 fps for having a better experience of snipe shooting. The above enlisted best airsoft sniper rifles are suitable for beginners as well as professionals, having the best and innovative features. Among three, the top one is:

For overall Best airsoft sniper rifles Read

This Review is the outcome of analyzing content of 22 YouTube videos, 9 blog articles by airsoft experts using Qualitative Research tools like Envivo and 6 hours of self testing these wonderful airsoft sniper rifles that shoot above 500 fps