Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under 600 fps – Review

Enlisted are the three best airsoft sniper rifles under 600 fps widely used for combat training by military personnel.

airsoft sniper rifles

Airsoft is a type of sport similar to paintball where the players use guns to eliminate their components by simply targeting them. Airsoft is mostly used to train the soldiers and prepare them for combat. It is considered to be the most accepted civilian game. In the field of airsoft, the most used and efficient weapon is the best airsoft sniper rifle. As used for training, the weapon instead of using bullets makes use of plastic pellets.

They act as the first replicas of the real weapons, having the best features suitable for getting accurate distant targets. So if you are planning to buy the best airsoft sniper for yourself, then you must need to have a look at this article as we have reviewed the best ones after researching and analyzing the aspects carefully.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle under 600 fps

1. Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun FPS 480

  • Comfortable and easy
  • Offers long-range efficiency
  • Consistent velocity
  • Reasonably priced

To begin with, the best airsoft sniper rifle for the players is the Double Eagle airsoft sniper. Talking about the construction and material, the spare parts of this weapon are made of high-quality ABS polymer which makes it highly durable and tough. Another best part of ABS polymer is that it provides efficient firing performance by reducing the recoil.


The benefit of reducing the recoil is that it can affect the weapon’s precision and stability. The rifle is fully loaded with many useful accessories like a metal bolt, metal barrel, and trigger. These altogether make the weapon an efficient performer while making its operations even smoother. Another most important benefit of these metal parts is that they make the airsoft weapon similar to the real one by adding extra bulk to the outer frame.

The firepower of this weapon is great having a velocity of 420 fps which is considered to be better than the average one. The other most important facility to the players provided by this weapon is the addition of the backspin to fire rounds through an adjustable hop-up system. The rifle can easily be updated by combining the front rail mount with the rifle frame.

  • ABS polymer material
  • Recoil is reduced
  • Hop-up system
  • Heavy

This is the best airsoft sniper rifle that is used in an airsoft field, providing a better experience to the players. The spare parts are made of premium quality ABS polymer material, making the weapon highly durable and tough. Having a great fire velocity of 420 fps along with an adjustable hop-up system, this airsoft rifle is the best suited for airsoft fields.

2. Evike – CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/Scope Rail (400~450 FPS)

  • Accuracy
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable

For heavy-duty operations, this highly durable Evike airsoft sniper is the best choice for those who want to invest in a high-end replica. The weapon consists of a trigger box and a heavy metal body that helps the player to confront the consistent firing shots. Many magazines have declared this rifle the best one in terms of having a large firing capacity.

The design of this weapon is simple but consists of many functional safety measures. In order to have similar operations to a conventional firearm, the spring-powered bolt system makes it do so. Another benefit of this bolt system is that the player doesn’t need to worry about the renewal of the gas cartridges.

evike cyma vsr 10

The aluminum barrel with the precision milled provides the perfect firing consistency and accuracy. Being constructed in a way to become waterproof and shockproof, the weapon can easily be used in any type of weather condition safely without being damaged. The spring system and triggers of this weapon are highly adaptable according to the players. The bipod in this weapon helps the user to get the perfect targets at a far distance.

  • Heavy metal body
  • Spring-powered system
  • Waterproof
  • Expensive

This best airsoft sniper rifle is suitable for heavy-duty operations while delivering smooth performance. The metal body system and trigger box help the players to get consistent firing shots. It can also be used during any weather condition safely without being damaged. The adaptable spring system and triggers help the user to make the adjustments accordingly.

3. l96 bolt action spring rifle w/ bipod & scope black(Airsoft Gun)

  • Offers great control
  • Precise and accurate
  • Small and lightweight
  • Includes scope and bipod

Last but not least, this best airsoft sniper rifle is suitable for beginners as well as professionals making it easier for them to carry it around due to its lightweight and travel-friendly properties. The performance that is delivered by this weapon is outstanding, allowing the users to fire for hours without affecting the performance.

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle BT-L96 Bolt Action Spring

This highly durable and reliable weapon is made of premium quality plastic, making it lighter in weight. The most noticeable feature of this weapon is the powerful spring action system. This system makes the weapon the most desirable one for the players to play in the airsoft field. The weapon has many aesthetics for impressing the players and is manufactured in a way to look more similar to the conventional ones.

This high-end yet affordable weapon has a 3x magnifying scope along with the bipod that is smaller in size attached to the weapon for getting the perfect stable targets from a far distance. The shots are also fired with a high velocity of 420 fps better than the average level along with high precision and accuracy.

  • Powerful spring action system
  • Affordable
  • lightweight
  • Some plastic parts are of low quality

In an affordable price range, this airsoft sniper rifle is one of the best options for players to invest in. The powerful spring action system of this weapon enables it to deliver effective performance with smooth operations. The construction of this airsoft sniper rifle is made of high-quality plastic, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. Hence it is the best airsoft sniper rifle under 600 fps for beginners.


Airsoft is a type of game having similar rules to the paintball game. It is considered to be one of the most acceptable civilians game used to train soldiers for combat. So for this purpose, the best airsoft rifles are manufactured that have similar features to the conventional ones. Here in this article the top most recommended best airsoft sniper rifle under 600 fps is:

  • Evike – CYMA VSR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/Scope Rail (400~450 FPS) has a metal body system being suitable for heavy-duty operations along with a large firing capacity.

If you are interested in buying the best airsoft sniper rifle, then the above-recommended one will help you in making a better decision. As it is dedicated to heavy-duty operations, it is best suitable for training the soldiers in an airsoft field. Also, another great benefit of this weapon is that it has a large firing capacity and is declared the best choice for professionals by different magazines.


Is there an airsoft sniper rifle?

The airsoft sniper rifle is suitable for airsoft battlefields due to its high accuracy, power to have perfect shots, and long-range engagements. These guns can run effectively on electric batteries, gas, or spring. These rifles are used for training the soldiers.

Are airsoft sniper rifles legal?

Yes, under federal law, these rifles are considered to be legal to use by people of all ages.


  • From the sandy desert of Iraq to the hills of Afghanistan, I have proudly served the army in the capacity of a sniper. Now I have joined the team to analyze and evaluate the different airsoft sniper rifles and pick the right one just for you. This means that these are not just any reviews, these are the words of someone who really knows what they mean.