Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles with Scopes

The right airsoft weapon is a must to give you the best performance. Find the right airsoft sniper with scope here and up your game in the field

best airsoft sniper rifles with scope

Are you still falling behind in the sport of airsoft even when you have done lots of practice and put in your best effort and interest? Have you given thought to the airsoft gun you are using? Well, chances are that there is nothing wrong with anything that you are or are not doing, rather it’s about your airsoft gun. The weapon you are using is highly likely to hinder you from giving your best when you can actually ace in the game.

Don’t let that continue and get yourself the right airsoft weapon for yourself, one that does not feel uncomfortable or feel too big for you. Airsoft is a great sport that, apart from developing target killing skills, increases stamina, controls weight, improves blood circulation and lung capacity. Along with all these physical benefits, it also improves your socializing skills, helps you find like-minded people. For all that, you have to up your game, here are the best airsoft snipers with scopes at your disposal. Find the one with the right features for you, and you will feel the difference in the field.

Airsoft Snipers With Scopes

Are you in a hurry, check our top picks in a glance

1. Gamo Varmint Air Rifle; The Best With Scopes

Awesome Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Telescope

Gamo Varmint means speed with accuracy

  • Speed and accuracy combined together
  • Synthetic Stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 4 X 32 Scope

The Gamo Varmint Air Rifle comes with a .177 Cal pellet single cocking barrel that offers speed as well as accuracy while shooting. The rifle utilizes PBA pellets that are made of non-lead alloy thus generating speed about 30% faster than normal pellets and are also environment friendly. With the PBA platinum alloy pellets, this air rifle is able to shoot at a speed of 1250 fps with great accuracy.

Accurate shooting from my Gamo Varmint, the best experience
rubber recoil pad on my Gamo Varmint

Rubber recoil pad

The Gamo Varmint sports a synthetic stock, which ensures stability despite the weather conditions like heat, cold, and humidity, it does not warp or expands hence keeps the accuracy spot on. The pistol grip and the forearm have a non-slip texture for total control and grip. It features a Monte Carlo cheek pad that can also extend upwards hence providing optimal stability and alignment of your eye with the scope.

The rubber recoil pad at the shoulder stock effectively cushions the recoil and keeps the shoulder stock from budging on the shoulder. The 4 x 32 scope is on board, which can easily spot small targets from 10 to 300 yards, the scope is also shockproof. It also comes with automatic manual safety, which keeps the sniper from firing if it is not handled properly.

specs of Gamo Vermint on the box
Gamo vermint scope
  • Uses PBA high-velocity pellets
  • Shockproof scope
  • Comfortable cheek riser
  • Ambidextrous, all-weather stock
  • No noise dampening
  • Takes some time to load

There was no noise dampening in the sniper, I found the bang of the fire louder than normal. But I liked the sound as it gives you a more realistic feel of a sniper. Another drawback, according to a number of people, is that it takes a little time to load making it impossible to take successive shots. Still, manufactured from an excellent and reputable brand, Gamo, the Varmint is one of the best airsoft snipers with scopes

2. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61

BBTac M61

Budget friendly powerful airsoft sniper rifle

  • Faster loading
  • Excellent construction
  • Remarkably realistic bolt action
  • Highly reliable

This one is a powerful but budget-friendly airsoft sniper rifle that is smart-looking as well. Let’s move to its high-end and versatile features. The BBTac M61 uses .2g BBs and functions on a powerful spring-loaded mechanism that can fire at 420 to 475 fps, making successful long-distance shooting easy. This air sniper rifle is designed to offer precision and accuracy, which reduces the chances of any shot going missing, regardless of the distance.

the best airsoft sniper rifle with scope
BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61

It operates on a bolt action, which enhances the reliability and accuracy of the sniper rifle for long-range target shooting and also makes it easy to use. The bolt lock-up, use of bolt action to load and release the rifle give you a feeling of authenticity and realness like you are using a real rifle. Another worth mentioning feature of the BBTac M61 is its exceptional build, which I felt the moment I carried it.

It is made from ABS polymer, which bestows this rifle with unquestionable durability, strength, and sturdiness. Hence the rifle is able to withstand tough environmental conditions, physical impacts, and is also resistant to corrosion. What’s more? It utilizes Clip thus offers incredible loading speed with the reload process being so simple. Each round from a Clip enters the firing chamber rapidly followed by the other.

My BBtac m61 while testing in field
BBtac M61 powerful yet budget friendly airsoft sniper rifle with scopes
BB clip being inserted in Bbtac M61
  • Excellent construction with high durability
  • Fast and simple loading mechanism
  • Incredible accuracy and precision
  • Uses bolt action
  • Affordable
  • The red dot scope is non-magnifying
  • Can feel bulkier to newbies

The BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 is one of the most reliable options that easily comes within budget as well. It comes with a red dot scope that is great to aim and successfully shoot moving targets, since you can use it with both your eyes open, you remain aware of the surroundings. A potential drawback for newbies can be it’s bulkier feel. Otherwise, it’s a great airsoft rifle for long-range shooting that feels real as well.

3. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62; Most Accurate Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Scopes

BBTac M62

High Rated affordable solid polymer constructed airsoft sniper rifle with high quality scope

  • Adjustable hop up
  • Comfortable Shoot
  • Higher feet per second

Another high-rated and affordable option by BBTac that does not disappoint with its performance. The BBTac M62 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is built and designed effectively for long-range shootings and to give you the feel of using a real sniper. It comes with a metal bolt and solid, sturdy construction with ABS polymer, hence tough and solid with the ability to cope with severe conditions.

testing metal bolt action of my bbtac-m62
BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62

The muzzle velocity of this sniper rifle is 420 fps, which will not disappoint you while taking down an opponent from quite a distance without the risk of exposing yourself. The length of the pull and comb of the stock is adjustable so you can adjust it just the way it feels comfortable and right according to you. The rifle comes with an adjustable hop-up as well.

The adjustable hop-up allows you to enhance the range and accuracy of the BBs without increasing the velocity. The BBTac M62 operates on a single fire mode, and on a powerful spring-loaded mechanism using .2g BBs. It comes with a scope but it’s not good quality-wise, so I highly suggest replacing the optic with a high-quality one if you want to get the most out of this high-performance sniper rifle.

inserting clip in my Bbtac M62

  • Fast loading
  • Great accuracy for long-range
  • Solid and sturdy build
  • Bolt action
  • Affordable
  • Low-quality scope
  • Might be heavier for newcomers

The BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 is one of the best budget-friendly long-range air snipers, it provides excellent performance for the price. It feels real and heavy in your hand giving you the thrill of using a real rifle, replace the scope with a good-quality one and you are good to go.

4. Well Full Metal MB08 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle


Full metal solid construction yet light weight airsoft sniper rifle

  • Varied adjustable features
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with tactical accessories

This Well Full Metal MB08 airsoft sniper rifle is for you if you are someone like me who likes the air rifle to feel solid and real in hands. You get that authentic feel along with a bunch of other high-end features with this top-notch air sniper rifle making it an excellent airsoft sniper with scope. As the name implies, the outer tube of the barrel is fluted and made of metal. The fluted design makes this rifle lightweight and enhances accuracy.

new MB08 box pack
Well Full Metal Mb08

This metal construction must be enough for you to comprehend the durability of the part, and this is what bestows this rifle with the heavy-duty feel of a real one. The stock of this rifle is made of molded polymer. This renders the part durable, resistant to impacts, and tough surroundings while adding that weight of authenticity as well. The stock is also foldable, which accounts for portability and easier mobility.

The stock offers other high-adjustability options as well. The length of the pull and the cheek riser on the stock is also adjustable allowing you to customize these parts as per your own requirements and comfort. The muzzle velocity of this sniper rifle is 440 fps, which is more than most of the air sniper rifles out there, and more than enough to take successful shots within a long range on the battlefield. Even with the high velocity, it’s easy to pull back in this bolt rifle allowing you to take rapid successive shots.

Bolt action and metallic body of MB08 airsoft sniper rifle with scopes
adjustable and foldable stock with cheek riser for comfort and requirement
  • High muzzle velocity
  • Real and authentic feel
  • Durable metal and molded polymer construction
  • Easy pullback
  • Highly adjustable and foldable stock
  • Hop-up adjustability is difficult
  • A bit costly

On the downside, the hop-up should have been at a place where it would have been more accessible. As for the price, it is a bit costly but worth the price I’d say. Well Full Metal MB08 is just the choice for you if you don’t want to feel like you are carrying a toy. Another interesting fact about it is that it feels like a replica of the popular L96 rifle that is carried by the British snipers.

5. Well SPEC-OPS MB13A APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle With Scope


Incredible muzzle velocity, power, and range with heavy and solid construction

  • Molded polymer-metal construction
  • Powerful muzzle velocity-450-550 fps
  • Carbine style adjustable stock

The Well SPEC-OPS APS SR-2 provides the greatest value for money out of all the competing airsoft sniper rifles out there. It boasts incredible muzzle velocity, power, and range with heavy and solid construction. It has a metal outer barrel that accounts for the weight and durability, the bolt is also metal, while the body has molded plastic polymer construction that adds to the durability and strength.

The chassis of this sniper rifle has an A2 pistol grip offering comfort while holding the rifle. It has an M4 carbine-style stock that is relatively shorter in length with an adjustable length of pull, which makes it easy to use the rifle in congested spaces. It lacks a cheek riser but the stock is compatible with a rail-mounted cheek riser. The muzzle velocity ranges from 450 to 500 fps, which is higher than what other air sniper rifles with the same price range offer.

Hence, the excellent muzzle velocity ensures successful long-range shots. It also allows you to take shots in rapid succession with the easy pullback the metal bolt offers. However, like Well Full Metal MB08, the APS SR-2 also has a hop-up adjustment that is not easy to access. Newcomers will find the hop-up adjustment particularly difficult. Another drawback is the magazine which is also a bit challenging to load.

view from the scope of  APS SR-2
View you can admire only if you have a sniper in you
  • Superb muzzle velocity and power
  • Excellent long-range performance
  • Adjustable stock
  • Ergonomic design similar to AR-15 rifle
  • Hop-up adjustment is challenging
  • Loading the magazine is not easy

The Well SPEC-OPS APS SR-2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle will give you the feel of a true rifle with its heavy and sturdy feel, although it’s not at all so heavier that it becomes a challenge to carry it. It comes with a precision scope. This Well’s rifle also has an ergonomic design and functions that are similar to real rifles, especially to AR-15 rifles

Wrapping Up

If you are someone who wants the accuracy that the scope provides while using the best airsoft sniper, this article will serve you well. All the airsoft snipers mentioned above come with scopes and are the best available on the market right now. The top three picks are:

There are budget-friendly options as well as those that offer good value for money, so you are most likely to find the right pick for you here. There is a separate FAQ session included as well that answers the most common queries that might arise in your mind or might already be bothering you. So, up your game in the field with practice and by getting the right airsoft sniper for yourself.

Ideally, the airsoft sniper with the FPS ranging between 450 to 500 is good if you are shooting from long distances. However, keep in mind that some airsoft fields also have FPS restrictions, so it’s not important to get an air rifle with this FPS range. You can easily choose the FPS between 300 and 400, this works most of the time in the fields.

Airsoft sniper rifles are not dangerous if proper safety measures are practiced. The pellets used by these rifles are plastic or rubber, they do hurt but it’s really minor, nothing serious at all. They do cause serious damage to the eyes, so it’s extremely crucial to wear goggles. For further protection, you can wear gloves, vest, knee, and elbow pads

Airsoft BBs can seem perfectly fine and can be reused in the airsoft rifle since they are durable, but you still should not reuse them. Reusing the BBs can permanently damage your air rifle, negatively affecting its performance. Used BBs can also break inside your rifle, chances are that the BB you have picked from the ground is already decomposing.

We started with 25 airsoft sniper rifles with scopes available in market and then after initial scrutiny of the 38 YouTube videos and 16 review articles through Qualitative research analysis using NVivo research tool, we narrowed down to 5 top of the line products. These guns were then tested by our experts comparing all the indices. The above review is the result of eight hours of research and testing.

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