Best Full Automatic Airsoft Sniper Rifles – Buying Guide 2023 And FAQs

You can achieve precision and accuracy and shoot like a professional by using the best full auto airsoft sniper rifle.

The Best Fully automatic airsoft sniper rifles

Sniper rifles mainly have two purposes and are considered deadly weapons. They can either be used to kill someone from a long distance or for hunting if you are out on a hunt with your friends on a Sunday morning. Many people think that these things can be done by using normal guns, but that is impossible.

Airsoft rifles are specially designed to play airsoft sports. These are the fake versions of the original and can help you attain precision. They are not heavy to lift as you have to carry these all the way to the battlefield. But before heading out and playing, it is recommended to have practice sessions and know your weapon well. These can help you aim and hit the target on point while having full control of the rifle.

Most airsoft sniper rifles do not differ much and are identical, having the same barrel and a trigger. The only difference lies according to what you prefer and want to have in your weapon. You either want grip or stability of the metal barrel, or you opt for a good-looking plastic rifle with less precision that does not improve your shooting skills at all.

If you have recently developed an interest in shooting or airsoft sports, this article can be of utmost help. A list of the best auto airsoft sniper rifles has been mentioned below with all the specifications. You can purchase any of these to have some fun on the weekends. They can help you get the perfect shots like a pro player.

Best Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifles

LT-15T M4 SD Metal Gear Fully Automatic Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This gun overall has a metal framework and has a durable polymer construction. The LT-15T M4 SD Metal Gear Airsoft Rifle has a spring piston and is best for medium-range distances. These types of airsoft rifles are made for beginners who are interested in playing airsoft sports.

LT 15 MT metal gear full auto airsoft sniper rifles

These can be used indoors and outdoors, having a range of 50 to 140 feet, respectively. This airsoft rifle has solid construction and has two modes. The full-auto or semi-auto modes help you save loading time and follow a self-loading mechanism.

The outer barrel is 5.5 inches and comes with plenty of accessories. This lightweight rifle has a dust cover that protects the debris from entering the gearbox, while the rear sight is adjustable and can be removed if you like using another scope.

The LT-15T M4 rifle comes with a chargeable battery to make the firing very powerful and achieve accuracy. It has a muzzle velocity ranging from 360 to 400fps, which allows the bullet to ooze out with great speed, hitting the target with great pressure. Hence this can be the best auto airsoft rifle that beginners can use for their practice sessions.

Field tested this beast yet the beauty. Yes you read it right. That is what it felt like. The gun is a beauty to hold and yet it kills like a beast- a perfect killing machine.

Rechargeable batteries of LT 15T M4
Barrel and rails for accessories of LT15T M4
Dust Cover of LT-15T M4
  • Great muzzle velocity of 360-400fps
  • Feels and functions like a real gun
  • Removable parts for better grip
  • Self-loading mechanism
  • The batteries do not work for a long time

This auto airsoft sniping rifle is best for beginners. These have a great muzzle velocity and shooting range, making them suitable to use for any environment. It has a self-loading that can save a lot of time and makes your response quick. All the parts can be removed or adjusted according to what you prefer. The batteries might not work for a longer period of time.

Soft Air Firepower F4D Electric Powered- Most Accurate Automatic Airsoft Sniper Rifle

It is the best rifle if you recently developed an interest in shooting. The SoftAir Firepower F4D Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle has four rails on it, giving you enough space to add as many accessories as you like. All the features can be customized according to your preferences.

Best fully automatic airsoft sniper rifle

This is a full-auto airsoft gun that can help you fire simultaneously without reloading after firing every single shot. They come with a laser aiming module and a flashlight to help you achieve precision and hit right at the target even if the light is dim.

This classic black rifle comes with a retractable stock, which means it can be set in many positions according to what you are comfortable in. This comes with a battery and two modes. Auto or semi-auto modes can be used while shooting. This can help you save energy and improve your timing for incredible responses.

Retractable stock of softair f4D
Semi/auto switch of softair F4D

Hence these can be the best rifles available in the market that look the same as used by professionally trained snipers. These come with some amazing features and give you the option to customize as well. It can be a wise purchase if you are on the hunt for an airsoft rifle.

  • It comes with retractable stock
  • It has two modes of firing
  • It comes with four rails
  • The plastic framework is not durable

The SoftAir Firepower Sniper Rifle comes with a retractable stock that allows you to make full adjustments according to your comfort level. It is an electric rifle with a battery and has two modes of firing. The rails give you enough space to add some additional tools to achieve accuracy. The plastic framework looks cheap and might break after some use.

GAME FACE GF76 Electric Airsoft Rifle

Here comes yet another best full auto Airsoft sniper rifle, hugely popular for its precision and large magazine capacity. It is absolutely incredible at helping you with a clear vision and long-range that works certainly well for professionals. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the package includes a charger and battery, so that you can easily carry it around without worrying about its service life.

GF76 Best full auto airsoft sniper rifle electric powered

The first thing to notice about this design is its metal magazine that is absolutely sturdy and accommodates you with the needed control. The entire rifle has a plastic body that is quite durable and prevents damage. Similarly, I highly appreciate its 700-round capacity which is accompanied by an adjustable stock function that helps you in tough terrains, with remarkable balance and stability.

Lastly, it also includes a focal range of 375 fps that serves you with a semi-auto setup, allowing you to customize the settings as per the target requirements. Here, its Picatinny railing system is coupled with a simple tool kit which makes it absolutely easy to mount and dismount the rifle. All in all, this sniper rifle has a high magazine capacity of 50 solid rounds which is quite commendable for its price.

Picatinny rails of GF76
GF 76 full package
  • Includes adjustable stocks
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Offers great versatility
  • Includes high capacity
  • The plastic body looks cheap

Final thoughts, if you are a professional looking for versatility, I would highly recommend you go for this Game Face GF76. I really like its well-organized design that incorporates an easy mounting rail and adjustable stock which makes it easy to hit the target accurately. Likewise, its large round and magazine capacity make it absolutely worth your price. All in all, I found the metal magazine precise enough to facilitate complicated hits.

GAME FACE GFRPKTGS Full-Auto Airsoft BB Rifle

Coming from Game Face, this one is yet another best full auto Airsoft sniper rifle for its ability to accommodate you with improved speed and accuracy. This one is popular for its high focal distance and high magazine capacity that serve you well. In addition, the fair deal of accessories maximizes its utility to a great extent. Finally, the fact that the package includes safety glasses and BB makes it absolutely worth your price.

Gameface GFRPKTGS top Full Auto airsoft sniper rifle

Firstly, it has a polymer body that adds to its durability and prevents damage. It further integrates a metal trigger and magazine that makes it easy to achieve control and balance through the process. Moreover, the 15-round capacity of this rifle makes it great for beginners as well as professionals. Similarly, this can operate at 280 fps, making it precise and fast enough.

Lastly, another thing I really like about this model is its gravity-fed hopper that not only enhances its magazine capacity but helps you in achieving control over the process. To ensure safety, the manufacturers have added adult glasses and Airsoft BB. It also includes a thumb selector which makes it comfortable for intense matches and users who have just started with sniper rifles.

Auto firing mode switch of GFRPKTGS
Magazine of GFRPKTGS
  • Great value for money
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Offers great control
  • The Fps range needs improvement

In conclusion, this one from Game Face is my favorite for its round capacity and a comfortable design that facilitates both beginners and professionals. It integrates a gravity-fed hopper and spring-powered magazine that provides you with a large round capacity and fairly decent fps range. Moreover, the safety mechanism and adult glasses make it easy to achieve clear vision and comfort all along.

DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Airsoft Gun

This DPMS is yet another best full auto Airsoft sniper rifle, all thanks to its dual-action design and high-speed range. I absolutely loved its sturdy design that provides you with needed balance and control throughout the process. Likewise, it further incorporates a comprehensive safety mechanism, making it a great choice for newcomers. Finally, the large magazine capacity adds to its value.

DPMRS SBR best full auto airsoft sniper rifle CO2 powered
DPMS SBR Full automatic firing

To begin with, the first thing you will notice about this model is its metal and synthetic polymer construction that is accompanied by an adjustable rear sight. Thereby, you don’t have to worry about its durability and weight. It further allows the user to take complicated aims with absolute ease and control. Another thing I really like about this rear sight is that it can be adjusted and removed as per your liking, to achieve the needed control and precision.

In the end, it comes with a full-automatic operation apart from the speed which can be adjusted as per the target requirements. Finally, the fact that it comes with a thumb selector safety makes it great for people who have just started with the Airsoft rifles. On the whole, it is equipped with a magazine ability of 25 rounds which is quite considerable for such a price.

Retractable butt stock of DPMS SBR best full auto airsoft sniper rifle
Magazine of DPMS SBR
  • Durable and versatile
  • Offers high magazine capacity
  • Includes rear sight
  • Offers great safety
  • It can feel a bit heavy

In essence, this DPMS is undoubtedly the best full auto sniper rifle for beginners as well as professionals, all thanks to its well-organized design. It integrates an adjustable rear sight accompanied by customizable stock, providing you with the needed range and accuracy, not to mention improved vision. Similarly, the large magazine capacity and safety mechanism give it an edge over others, at a reasonable price range.

Buying Guide

Picking up the right airsoft sniping rifle can be difficult. You may be confused as several options are available in the market that can be bought. If you are unsure about which is the best sniping rifle for you, then you need not worry. But before buying the sniping rifles, you need to be sure about the skill you want to develop and what needs more practice. The airsoft battlefield should also be kept in mind. We have a full buying guide that can help you decide and buy the best one for you.

Right Equipment

As mentioned above, it is necessary to know what you need in your sniping weapon. Buying a rifle that does not possess the features you want is a waste of money. You will end up hating the gun and giving up on the sport as well. Just do your research and buy according to your interests. All the original sniper rifles have their airsoft versions. See the original and if you end up liking it, definitely buy the airsoft version of it.


The first thing which you should consider before buying an airsoft rifle should be quality. Buying a cheap rifle that stops working after a couple of shots is so disappointing. The sniper rifles that have the bolt action mechanism and a metal barrel should be considered. These work the best and are very durable and long-lasting.


Sniping is all about making the right shots with precision and accuracy. You cannot just start firing without an aim. For aiming at the target, a scope is an essential tool. You won’t be able to hit the target without a scope. Some snipers have a built-in scope. If not, you can purchase them separately as well. The scopes can be fixed on the rails and help you achieve precision and improve your shooting skills.

Camouflage Clothing

Generally, camouflage clothing is used to blend in and conceal. For playing an airsoft game, the opponent mustn’t be able to locate you in any condition. The camouflage clothing will help you blend into the surface. A ghillie suit can be purchased, or you can paint your face and hide behind a big object for a cover-up.

Safety Gear

If you are buying a rifle, it is essential to buy safety gear as well. Using any weapon, real or airsoft versions, they can be dangerous and are a threat. Your full body should be covered, including the face. The BB is made of plastic but still can cause injury. Precautionary measures should be followed all the time when around these rifles.


Several different options are available in the market with different FPS ranges. The highest FPS in airsoft sniping rifles is 650. Rifles usually having the spring piston have high FPS.

The high-quality airsoft sniper rifle can shoot up to 100 meters. But before shooting, it is necessary to play in a field with legal guns. Most airsoft rifles do not have the capability to shoot more than 70 meters at the most.

The airsoft sniping rifles are not as accurate as the original ones. Bit accuracy can be achieved if you add additional gears and tools that help you achieve precision and improve your shooting skills.


Sniping in the games can be very different if you do that in real life. Airsoft sports have become popular, and many rifles are being manufactured for this sport. You can thrash a target point or play in the field.  A list of best auto airsoft sniper rifles is mentioned above, but the best two, according to us, are:

Hence these are the best auto airsoft rifles that can be used in the field. All the features are mentioned in the article, so you can purchase whatever rifle you like. You can also customize your rifle according to the tools you prefer. These can help you become a good shooter and increase your precision. It is recommended to take all the precautionary measures before playing. Stay Safe and Enjoy Shooting!

We started with 25 fully automatic airsoft sniper rifles available in market and then after initial scrutiny of the 38 YouTube videos and 16 review articles through Qualitative research analysis using NVivo research tool, we narrowed down to 5 top of the line products. These guns were then tested by our experts comparing all the indices. The above review is the result of eight hours of research and testing.


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