Best Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle [ Review 2024 ]

Purchase Best Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle guaranteeing great results. The sniper rifle will provide you with a real rifle feel.

The best full metallic body airsoft sniper rifles

Are you a fan of airsoft sports? Do you want to indulge in airsoft with full passion? The all-metal rifle offers an authentic experience due to its weightiness. Its substantial feel in your hands mirrors that of a real rifle, enhancing the overall realism.

The catchy appearance of snipers makes one enter into the realm of airsoft. If you are a fan of war movies, you wouldn’t want to be disappointed by airsoft guns. Equip yourself with the best weapons with the right weight.

Have an astounding airsoft experience with an incredible partner.

Immerse yourself in the perfect sporting ambiance with our carefully researched selection of the best full metal airsoft sniper rifles available in the market. Explore and discover your ideal choice for an enhanced gaming experience.

8 Best Full Metal Airsoft Sniper Rifle

1. BBTac MB06D as sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle

With spring power, this eliminates the fuss of batteries and gas. Have a fun time shooting with this easy and simple to operate sniper rifle. Except with a little issue with the fault, the SR-2 is exceptional in performance and exterior.

The bore barrel enhances the ease with which the fire is shot. This makes the cleaning uncomplicated. The full metal body increases the weight. The metal enhances the appearance and will make the rifle look so desirable.

Wellfire as SR2 full metal bolt action best airsoft sniper rifle metall bodied

This is extremely durable. It is surely going to last long with strong construction and reliable accessories. It is highly suitable if you are a fan of long-range firing. The exterior is equipped with an orange tip. It makes it look more like a real rifle.

The ergonomic design makes this lightweight. It is easy to carry. It offers great comfort. The right support is promised to your neck. The outer is astounding and has a stylish finish. The grip is exceptional. It will let you have incredible stability.

We found it’s light weight pretty amazing. Despite it’s metal built, this gun has a surprisingly light weight. This is a major helpful feature especially for longer matches. This feature has also been very well noticed by majority of the users.

Test firing my BBtac MB06D durable full matel airsoft sniper rifle
  • Powerful
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Great scope
  • Adjustable
  • Some users are not satisfied with the design

The bipod will be very stable and will provide you relief from holding the rifle. The bipod is fully adjustable, which further enhances the ease. You can remove it with convenience. With an integrated scope, you can focus and target things. With higher accuracy, great precision, and incredible functionality, what else does one need?

2. BBTac M59P Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Gun

This has been ergonomically designed, guaranteeing great precision. The accuracy of this rifle is worth mentioning. It lets you direct perfectly at the target. The durability is another great feature of this rifle. The full metal body elongates life.

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Gun in metal body

The design is ergonomic. The astounding design will catch every eye. The design is quite commendable with the right length and right finish. It is lightweight as its density is perfectly distributed. It makes handling easy. You can position yourself with incredible ease. This will allow you to excel at the sport.

This is adjustable, which further enhances the accuracy. It comes with removable accessories, which further improve shooting. The great strength and astounding toughness will not break it during falls. The resilience of the material is exceptional.

Moreover, it has an excellent scope. The scope will let you focus on the target perfectly. The classy matte black finish improves the design. The intricate pattern will improve the exterior.

The grip is exceptional too. This has been made sure due to the textured pattern. The rifle is very reliable. This can be reflected through its improved design and astounding features. The scope improves the vision so that the target is clear and precise.

Pistol grip of BBTac M 59 P

In my personal experience, the adjustable ergonomic design, resilient material, excellent scope and comfortable yet strong grip distinguish this beauty from it’s counterparts.

  • Durable
  • Quality construction
  • Accurate
  • Precise
  • Reliable
  • Screws missing

The easy assembly and simple functioning make this rifle one of the best full metal body airsoft sniper rifles in the market. We are fans, and so will be you once you use it—a masterpiece giving you a feel of a real gun.

3. LT-15T M4 SD Metal Gear Airsoft Rifle

This LT-15Trifle is exceptional in performance. It is one of the best in the market, with a catchy exterior, great functionality, and astounding muzzle velocity. It shoots the fire with great speed without compromising on accuracy. The operation is simple. Incredibly easy to operate, this is uncomplicated for even beginners.

LT-15T M4SD full metal gear airsoft rifle for best performance

The exterior deserves mention too. It is all brown, which falls a little on the camouflage side. It is matte and seems polished. Its appearance is further enhanced through the orange tip. It looks like an original rifle. This automatic rifle is what you are looking for if you are looking for quality.

We have noticed that the all-metal frame makes it so durable. It will not break due to its incredible quality. The metal will make you feel like it’s a real rifle. With an incredible muzzle velocity extending to 400 fps, you can expect a great performance.

It is powered through a spring which eliminates the need for gas or either battery. This makes the cost less. The outer barrel type enhances the accuracy. The capacity of the magazine is 300 rounds which are more than what is considered ideal.

Box pack LT 15T
  • Accurate shooting
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Well-designed
  • Great capacity
  • Amazing power
  • Alignment issues

The length is great too. This is surely one of the best full metal airsoft sniper rifles with its incredible finish and great exterior. The construction is of polymer, which is extremely durable. It has a great warranty and promises a long life.

4. 500 Fps Wellfire MK96 Full Metal Bolt Action AWP Type 96 Sniper Rifle

This is a relatively newer model with incredible capacity. Assuring great performance, this rifle has hit the market with a bang. The shooting guaranteed through it is the hardest. This affordable rifle comes with several accessories which enhance your gaming experience.

MK 96 Best Metallic material airsoft sniper rifle

The barrel is composed of whole metal. This will increase the weight of the sniper rifle. It made us feel like we are holding a real gun. A pleasant and war-like experience is promised. The package comes with a tactical flashlight. It will improve your vision. You can mount with incredible ease through the provided RIS mount.

Guaranteeing an astounding muzzle velocity of 415 fps, this will shoot hard. This promises accuracy and precision. The exterior of the rifle is made excellently. It has been composed thoughtfully by taking into consideration all the details. I can very well put that It has a quality finish.

Metallic bolt of  Wellfire MK 96
Strong metallic built of Wellfire MK 96
150 feet shot from Mk 96

With an adjustable scope, we found that one can focus on the target and improve the shooting. It comes with a removable bipod. It is composed of metal as well. The target, which was at a distance, was shot with great convenience. The bipod will greatly enhance stability. You need additional support, this is the right choice for you.

  • Hardest shooting
  • Great composure
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Promising great vision
  • Adjustment issues found

This ensures power and performance. This has an astounding exterior. It has a matte finish. The efficiency is greatly ensured. It makes you perform well. The durability is exceptional, and so is the reliability. This will prove as a great airsoft partner.

5. Well Full Metal ASR MB06 SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

With an amazing design, this rifle resembles a real gun. It has a matte black finish which looks incredible. This is then equipped with a red tip to improve the color and exterior further. This has been proved to be really successful as its performance is impressive. This is a blend of two rifles, the sniper and an assault which makes it the best full metal airsoft sniper rifle.

ASR MB06 Best bolt action metal made airsoft sniper rifle

The LE stock, which is retractable, can be adjusted in 5 different positions. The grip is exceptional with a textured design. It is at par with the M4 pistol. Incredible! Isn’t it? This is very lightweight as its density is well distributed. It feels light and easy on the hands. The compactness is another plus point. This enhances the feasibility.

The top rail is Picatinny weaver, which is quite incredible. At the end of the rifle, You can connect the bipod. The area has been provided for it. The bipod greatly enhances stability. Moreover, it reduces the labor of carrying the rifle in the hands. You can place it there with exceptional ease.

Retractable stock of ASR MB06 SR2
Pistol grip of MB 06 SR2

In my opinion, this gun is a true beauty. The adjustability of retractable stock gives it an edge over it’s competitors. A large number of users have pointed out this feature as most amazing.

  • Solid polymer
  • Excellent construction
  • Great design
  • Retractable
  • Incredible grip
  • Customer service might not be good

This is unique due to several features and qualities. It is one of the best in the market with a catchy and different exterior moreover. It features great stability and astounding functionality. It is effortless to use. It is simple to assemble. This, altogether, is a great pick for your airsoft sport.

6. Bravo Full Metal MK98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (OD/Bipod Package)

This greatly adjustable rifle is what you are looking for. This comes with a hop-up. It offers incredible ease due to removing parts. The mechanism is spring-powered. This will not demand any battery or either gas to provide power. This gets really easy in terms of use and cost.

M98 od bipod package metal made

This, like its previous competitors, comes with a bipod that enhances stability. This significantly increases the handling as you don’t have to keep it in hand. Another thing that is greatly improved is the accuracy and precision. The rifle will be stable and placed at a definite position. This will allow you to target the shot with full focus and without distraction.

While testing in the field the features that come really handy include it’s pistol grip, a strong realistic bolt action, a large capacity mag. Last but not the least, a unique double trigger.

Pistol grip and bolt action of MK 98
Large magazine capacity of MK 98
Double trigger of MK 98

It comes with multiple accessories. It will reduce the cost of purchasing those accessories separately. Together with that, it will enhance support and stability. It comes with improved focus. The scope maximizes the vision and lets you target better. I would say considering it’s cost effectiveness, this is a gun to go.

  • Incredible exterior
  • Great design
  • Metal made
  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Straight firing issues

Talking about the exterior, it is camouflage. It is identical to the real one. It is classy and has a matte finish. It seems like you are carrying a real rifle. It is a perfect rifle to carry to airsoft shooting. It will improve your performance to a whole new level. You will surely not be disappointed.

7. Well Full Metal MB08 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Tan/Scope Package)

With a blend of steel with aluminum, this is lightweight together with tough. Making sure of resilience with weight, it is a great rifle to use. The polymer is very high quality. It enhances strength. Composed rightly with the metal, this sniper rifle is a great one.

MB08 one of the best in the market airsoft sniper rifles that are metallic made

This is exceptionally durable. It comes with several accessories. It enhances the ease. This will reduce the shoulder and neck pains due to the stability provided. The rifle is composed of metal which is high quality. This has the ideal weight.

Foldable and adjustable stock were really amazing during field testing. We have also noticed that the clear view of the scope also aided in the long shots, a sniper has to make.

Adjustable stock of MB 08
Folding stock of MB 08
View from the scope of MB 08
  • Classy finish
  • Great material
  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent stability
  • affordable
  • Great strength
  • High toughness
  • A little heavy

It has a matte and catchy exterior. This will make you appear well when you are holding the rifle. You will surely be a fan of this astounding sniper rifle. It is definitely going to up your gaming standards. This will be achieved through its quality feature and astounding aspects.

8. Evike G&G Top Tech Full Metal Blowback TR4-18 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

G&G is well known for making a lot of great, reliable airsoft guns and affordable airsoft guns, especially with the combat machine series. TR 4-18 Carbine actually is part of their top tech line and is a look alike replica of the H&K 4-16 model.

We have an ergonomic pistol grip, which is great. It’s a little bit different than a lot of the other M4 or M16 style pistol grips. Where they actually have grooves built in for your fingers, so it’s a little bit more comfortable hold and it’s going to prevent player fatigue.

The gun has a five to six position Crane stock that can retract outwards. Also, the battery is housed back here. We do have a different rail system as compared to a lot of the other M4’s out here. TR 4-18 is equipped with 4-16 rail system. One main thing that really sets this rail system apart is that it is connected directly to the upper receiver and does not utilize a delta ring. Contrary to a lot of rails that have the delta ring which have a gap with the upper rail but not with the 4-16. Here you have a monolithic upper rail, meaning that rail is uninterrupted. So, if you want to put a magnifier or red dot or let’s say a bigger scope, you can avail that option. In this way you are not going to have any gaps or bridges in the way.

Pistol grip of G&G TR4-18
Quad rails of G&G TR4-18

TR 4-18 has HK416 style removable iron sights on the top. G&G was smart enough and kind enough to include a Phillips screwdriver to remove them, if you need to. A lot of the functions are actually very similar to an M4, like the selector switch on the left, safe semi or Full Auto mode selection. Bolt catch is aesthetically located. TR4-18 comes equipped with functioning charging handle that opens up the dust cover and also as functioning forward assist.

Like all other guns by G&G, the gun has one main spring which is compressed or decompressed. This enables that when you press the forward assist, it decompresses the spring. It is great for storage if you are going to put the gun away for a week or a month. You don’t want to leave that spring compressed for a long time.

TR 4-18 has a pneumatic blowback system, meaning every time you fire it, fake bolt is going to jump back and forth, it adds a little bit more realism. It’s not going to kick or give you any recoil, but if you’re firing away many shots and your buddy is looking at you, you are going to look kind of a cool. This reminded of my days in operation Desert Storm.

Stock of G&G TR4-18
Semi-auto/ auto switch of G&G TR4-18

Internally the gun is made of solid metal. All metal gearbox includes metal Gears of 8-millimeter ball bearings and also Poly carb piston. G&G internals are very well durable and established and we actually like them so much that we use G&G gearboxes in a lot of our G4 custom guns because of the reliability and the affordability. Laura actually tested it by dropping it for a few times during our field testing it.

The gun comes with a 450 rounds magazine so you won’t have to reload again and again. This enables you to enjoy your long fights.

  • Full Metal Construction
  • Pneumatic Blowback
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  • Full-Length Barrel
  • A little heavy
  • Product does NOT include a Red Dot Sight, Vertical Grip, or Flashlight

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended rating of fps, which is considered safe, is 400 fps. This rating is for the outdoors. When you consider indoors, the safest rating is 350 fps.

The momentum is the product of both things, mass, and velocity. Velocity is expressed in FPS when airsoft guns are considered. BBs denote the weight or mass. These will change relatively. The projectile will be shot considering both.

The BBs which are heavier tend to fly further due to several reasons
1. Greater mass
2. Denser
3. Greater energy


If you are in search of a sniper rifle which is hard and durable, then all metal one is a great option. It lets you use it with full strength without worrying about its material. The astounding rifles are those made of metals. Below are some recommendations which you would not disappoint purchasing.

  1. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Gun– Quality construction and precise
  2. LT-15T M4 SD Metal Gear Airsoft Rifle Gun– durable and accurate
  3. 500 fpsWellfire Mk96 Full Metal Bolt Action Awp Type 96 Sniper Rifle– Great vision and advanced

So go ahead and get that mazing purchase from one of these sniper rifles

We started with 25 full metallic built airsoft sniper rifles available in market and then after initial scrutiny of the 33 YouTube videos and 11 review articles through Qualitative research analysis using NVivo research tool, we narrowed down to 7 top of the line products. These guns were then tested by our experts comparing all the indices. The above review is the result of ten hours of research and testing.