Best Spring-Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle – A Review

Keeping the squirrels out of gardens isn’t difficult anymore with the best spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle possessing a higher FPS value.

best spring powered

A spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle is characterized by higher FPS value and quick reloading abilities. These weapons are specifically designed for long-range shooting applications and improve your abilities to a great extent. Thus, next time you are faced with the birds attacking your farm. Just relax and pick up your sniper to eliminate them from the scenes.

To help you choose from the multitude of products available in the market, we have extracted the 5 best spring-powered airsoft sniper rifles that are not only performance efficient but are also lighter on the pocket.

We started with 16 spring powered airsoft sniper rifles and based on the reviews of different users through Youtube videos and articles, we shortlisted these five master pieces. Which were then tested by our team of professionals.

So, keep reading the article below for more information on your favorite rifle, from its detailed specifications to the pros and cons.

6 Best Spring-Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle

1. BBTac M187D – Most Accurate Airsoft Sniper Rifle

BBTac M187D

  • 550 FPS
  • Frame built from metal
  • Bipod included in the package
  • Spring powered rifle

Spring Bolt Airsoft Sniper Rifle is our top recommendation to all the airsoft sniping lovers out there. It is equipped with a spring that is characterized by quick reloading, which can be carried out by manually sliding the bolt. This offers a higher advantage over the non-spring-powered weapons that take a lot of time in this regard.

BBTac M187 D, most accurate spring powered airsoft sniper rifle

Another advantage of spring-powered snipers is the ability to reach a higher FPS value which is around 500 FPS for this version of Spring bolt rifles. This higher FPS is easily balanced with the help of heavier bullets which allows the beginners to operate it without any difficulty. The heavyweight balances the velocity and keeps it constant throughout the practice session.

What we concluded after examining it and then testing it field, the remarkable accuracy of this powerful gun is attributed to the powerful scopes that increase the visibility in the nighttime and improve your performance to a great extent. This, coupled with the adjustable hop-up system, contributes to the increases in effective shooting range and enables you to aim the target with utmost precision.

Scope of M187D BBtac
View from Scope of BBTac M187D
Accuracy of BBTac M1857D checked

It is achieved by the reduction in air pressure at the upper portion, which leads to the formation of a backspin. All these combine together to amplify the accuracy of the gun even at increased distances without affecting the velocity. Thereby enhancing its abilities and making it ideal for a wide variety of consumers, including beginners.

  • Effortless upgradation
  • Less maintenance
  • Outstanding grip
  • Loose bolts

Spring Bolt Airsoft Sniper Rifle is made up of ABS plastic along with various metal components that are characterized by high durability and strength. This protects it in multiple conditions and prevents it from getting damaged due to external factors. We assure you,  it will not rust even when left in the rain throughout the night.

2. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 – Best Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

BBTac M62

  • Metal barrel
  • Affordable price tag
  • 20 rounds capacity
  • 470 – 480 FPS

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 is the best spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle on the list. It is renowned for its ease of use and trouble-free maintenance, which makes it a perfect option for novice players. Similarly, it is also relatively less expensive than the rest of its counterparts and can be afforded by a diverse range of users.


Despite its low price, it is equipped with some of the top-notch features such as spring loading. This increases their performance efficiency during field competitions and can help in quick reloading every time you need to hit the target. The FPS velocity for this sniper lies between 440 to 460 and can render the opponent helpless. Just aim at your rival and the gun will do the rest.

It is remarkably accurate and can be used in dark conditions without any difficulty. We absolutely admire the adjustable hop-up system that is capable of providing extended shooting range without impacting the accuracy and velocity. You can adjust the hop-up settings at your requirements and do not require any expert guidance for this purpose.

Last but not least, the polymer body coupled with the metal components impart durability to the weapon and make it suitable for outdoor use. You can use it in humid environmental conditions with utmost precision. It has a remarkably realistic bolt action which makes it gotta have gun. Personally I have loved the adjustable cheek rest. We highly encourage you to purchase this product if you are looking for powerful airsoft snipers for beginners.

Op up for BBTac M62
Adjustable Cheek rest for BBtac M62
  • Inexpensive
  • Realistic bolt action
  • Exceptional grip
  • Scope requires upgradation

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62 is a high-quality weapon popular among consumers due to its eccentric design and extraordinary abilities. The plastic-metal combination is associated with the right amount of weight that is neither heavy nor too light. So, you can carry it around from one place to another effortlessly

3. GameFace 52004 Airsoft Sniper Rifle – High End Airsoft Sniper Rifles

GameFace 52004

  • Low price
  • 400 FPS
  • 100 feet accuracy
  • 29 rounds magazine capacity

Introducing the GameFace 52004 Airsoft Sniper Rifle, hailed as the top contender for the title of “Best Spring-Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle.” This precision-crafted rifle caters to enthusiasts seeking high performance without breaking the bank.

Setting itself apart from competitors, it boasts a full metal body, enhancing both its resilience and weight, adding an edge to its durability. With this robust construction, it stands resilient against diverse conditions, be it rain, humidity, or intense gameplay, ensuring consistent reliability and performance.

The standard barrel size of 6mm is compatible with medium size bullets that can be shot at up to 400FPS. Thus, making it one of the most powerful airsoft snipers available in the market. The spring-powered interior ensures quick reloading and is also associated with higher velocity. The magazine can hold around 29 rounds which is enough for practice sessions.

GameFace 52004 Sniper Carbine GF29 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle

We strongly recommend it for all beginners because of its easy operation and user-friendliness. You would not find any difficulty while operating this gun on your own. However, it is advised to follow all the safety precautions while doing so. A specialized metal barrel and bolt are also incorporated in it and contributes to long-range shooting applications.

Metallic Barrel of GF 52004
Bolt and scope of GF 52004

Thus, you can shoot from greater distances ranging between 100 to 150 feet without missing your target. The outstanding accuracy is attributed to the powerful scopes and extended shooting range. The scopes possess laser light that can be used to aim and illuminate dark settings and is especially useful for nighttime shooting.

  • Inexpensive
  • Heavyweight
  • Dual accessory rail
  • Requires maintenance

GameFace 52004 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is integrated with an incredible hop-up system that can be adjusted depending upon the user’s requirements. Additionally, the hop-up system works by reducing the air pressure on top and generates a backspin that is capable of increasing the effective shooting range of the gun without disturbing the velocity.

4. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 – Most Powerful Airsoft Sniper

BBTac M61

  • Extremely precise
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Realistic bolt action

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 is another exceptional product developed by BBTac. Similar to all the models developed by the trademark, this one is also popular for its durable construction and stylish outlook. The overall ABS plastic body is combined with the metal barrel and other parts to protect it against damage from external factors.

Metallic barrel of BBTac M61
Polymer body of BBTac M61

We observed that the rifle did not get damaged even after falling on the ground. Thus, you can use it in rough and tough conditions with little regard for the quality. For quick reloading, specialized clips and springs are also incorporated in the sniper and save a lot of time as compared to traditional non-spring-powered weapons.

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 most powerful spring airsoft sniper rifle

Along with this, the gun is heavier than you can expect and feels extremely realistic when held in hand. It is also associated with incredible grip in different hands. All of these factors not only increase its versatility but also add five stars to its performance. Thereby generating the best results.

This attribute makes it perfect for both beginners and pro players alike. We specifically recommend this for newbies because of its easy operation and less maintenance. You can spend all your energy and time on practice instead of looking after it. Lastly, its user-friendliness and enhanced portability make it a suitable traveling partner.

  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Realistic bolt action
  • Powerful scope
  • Not the best scope

BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61 can shoot up to 420 to 470 FPS and does not lag behind its other counterparts. So, you can hit the target at high speed with remarkable precision. The higher FPS can be achieved due to the inclusion of an action spring in it, which can help increase the velocity to a great extent. Thus, you can keep all the squirrels out of your garden by exerting additional effort.

5. ASG McMillian M40A3 -Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle

McMillian M40A3

  • Lightweight
  • 460 FPS
  • 200 feet shooting distance

ASG McMillian Action-Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle is another performance-oriented product included in the list of best spring-powered airsoft sniper rifles. The weapon possesses unparalleled features and is relatively expensive than all the other competitors. However, it is totally worth the price. The high-quality construction imparts durability, which protects it from getting damaged by a variety of factors, including weather conditions and accidental falls.

Weather resistant polymer body of ASG McMillian M40A3
Metallic Bolt of ASG McMillian M40A3
Pistol grip of M40A3 ASG McMillian

Furthermore, the inclusion of metal components increases its weight to a certain extent which improves its grip and provides a realistic feel. Trust me, the gun feels extremely authentic when held and is suitable for all professionals. We highly recommend it for long-distance snipping due to its powerful velocity and higher FPS value.

ASG McMillian M40A3 the most realistic and accurate spring powered airsoft sniper rifle

You can shoot at up to 480 FPS without any inconvenience or performance inefficiency. We were able to shoot the static targets from a distance of around 150 feet with extraordinary accuracy. But, the most surprising element is the adjustable hop-up system that can be modified depending on the requirement.

It enables you to extend the effective shooting range with the help of a backspin and reduced airflow. Thereby improving the abilities and accuracy of the sniper to a great extent. Finally, the scopes are also highly efficient and are ideal for nighttime use because of laser inclusion. The laser amplifies the visibility at nighttime and enhances its versatility.

  • Quick reloading
  • Portable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Expensive

The ASG McMillian Action-Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle does not disappoint in any aspect and lasts longer than most of its other counterparts. The reason for this is the high-quality materials used in the production of this weapon. Furthermore, it is suitable for eliminating birds from your farm. You can shoot from as far as 200 inches without missing the shot even at nighttime.

6. Evike ARES Licensed Remington MSR Bolt Action Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Evike ARES Remington MSR

  • Foldable Stock
  • Aesthetically designed
  • Aluminum built

Officially licensed by Remington with trademarks on it, MSR OEM single shot spring powered bolt action airsoft sniper rifle is one of the high-end guns available in the market. You can literally feel the power radiating from it. The gun is made of precision CNC machined Aluminum alloy giving it a realistic weight and thus feel of the real gun.    

The weight of the gun is countered with the factors that add to the comfort while shooting, like its pistol grip and the bolt. The gun comes with a rubberized ergonomic pistol grip which is very, very comfortable to hold on. I am actually kind of surprised this gun shoots 400 FPS with 0.2 grand BBs but the bolt is really smooth and easy to pull back. I kind of expected a little bit more resistance from a gun that shoots this hard.

Bolt assembly of ARES MSR from Evike
Pistol grip of ARES MSR

The stock of the gun is a real treat. It has an adjustable cheek riser and an adjustable butt plate. It folds to the side to make storage much easier. It does not make it a CQB sniper rifle or anything like that. There are rail segments on the stock for the addition of accessories such as a mono pod which can be mounted to the bottom of the stock. There is ample space to mount accessories like scopes, light etc.  The handguard is very neat. The rail system over the rail-segments is modular, so you can actually mount at a 45 degree. In case you have an enemy coming up on you real fast, you can mount.

One thing that’s really cool about this gun is how accurate it is. Accurate and true to the real thing. During field testing we were able to get a nice tight 2 X 2 group over a distance of 200 feet.  

This is a bolt action spring powered airsoft sniper rifle. The cylinder takes up the bulk of the receiver space, and in order to mount the magazine in the right place, the BBs need to be feed up through the gun in front of the cylinder. So, what we have is a very long BB track all the way up to the beginning of the gun.

Rubber recoil pad of ARES MSR
Rails for attcahing accessories on ARES MSR
Foldable stock with cheek riser on ARES MSR from Evike
  • Solid build
  • Pretty good range out of the box
  • Foldable stock for carrying or storage
  • Hits hard
  • Heavy for some players
  • Orange tip covers a large portion of the front

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this gun. The ergonomics are fantastic. This is another one of those new high tech sniper rifles similar to the Ashbury and AC 21.

Wrapping Up

Now it isn’t difficult to keep the squirrels out of your gardens with the best spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle. Incorporated with an adjustable hop-up system, heavier ball bullets, higher FPS, and exceptional stability, the following are our top recommendations for all airsoft players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, airsoft spring rifles are some of the best weapons available in the market. The inclusion of the spring in the product is characterized by higher FPS values that increase its velocity and power to a great extent. It also helps in quick reloading and saves a lot of your time as compared to traditional non-spring-powered gun.

Yes, 500 FPS is considered a good value for airsoft snipers. Snipers are meant for long-range applications and thus, higher FPS values do not make it more powerful but also highly efficient. Shooting from 100 feet at up to 500 FPS can easily lead to skin breakage and bone injury. So, you must be extremely careful with it.

Paintballs are heavier and powerful as compared to airsoft ball bullets. Thus, the former hurts more than the latter. However, if you are hit by an airsoft ball on the bare skin, the paint might be more severe than that of a paintball. Modern airsoft snipers are more powerful and accurate than traditional ones. So, it can also lead to severe injuries, just like a paintball.

We started with 19 spring powered airsoft sniper rifles available in market and then after initial scrutiny of the 33 YouTube videos and 17 review articles through Qualitative research analysis using NVivo research tool, we narrowed down to 5 top of the line products. These guns were then tested by our experts comparing all the indices. The above review is the result of nine hours of research and testing.