MP40 Airsoft

MP 40 Airsoft

An airsoft MP 40 can be powered by a spring, electric motor, or compressed gas, and it can be manufactured out of plastic or metal. The pellets or BBs they fire are either 6mm or 8mm in diameter. Airsoft MP40s may fire either semi- or fully-automatically, and their magazines can hold anything from fifty to … Read more

Walther PPK Airsoft

The Walther PPK has been replicated in airsoft in a number of forms. These airsoft weapons may look and feel like the genuine thing, but they use a completely different system and cannot shoot real bullets. Electric motors, springs, and gas may all be used to power airsoft PPKs. Walther PPK History German semiautomatic handgun … Read more

PPSH Airsoft

Several different types of airsoft gun attempt to realistically simulate the PPSH submachine gun. Airsoft weapons fire plastic “BBs” and are powered by a spring or an electric motor. Some PPSH airsoft weapons are even made to replicate the recoil of a real gun with a genuine blowback operation. Airsoft PPSH guns are usually made … Read more

SRC Airsoft

airsoft SRC

The SRC brand of airsoft guns is a good option if you’re seeking for quality and value. Star Rainbow Company, or SRC for short, is a Taiwanese firearms manufacturer that has been in business since 1997. To find out what sets SRC airsoft guns apart from the competition, we will analyze their features and benefits. … Read more

MP9 Airsoft

The popular MP9 submachine gun has inspired a wide variety of replica airsoft guns. Airsoft firearms can fire plastic BBs at speeds of up to 400 feet per second, and are often propelled by electric motors or compressed gas. Airsoft versions of the MP9 share the genuine weapon’s small size and low weight, making them … Read more