Different Kinds Of Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Victory chances would be higher with the right weapon, so study the details of different kinds of airsoft sniper rifles to make a wise purchase!

Cache of different airsoft sniper rifles

Competitive shooting games foster a winning spirit in players. In airsoft, your chance of victory hinges on having the right weapon. It would be helpful if you study the details of different kinds of airsoft rifles to make a wise purchase. Therefore, after research and experience, I framed up the necessary information in this article to assist you all!

Different Kinds Of Airsoft Sniper Rifles Available In Market

There are different kinds of airsoft sniper rifles depending upon the power sources, like a battery, gas pump, piston, or more. Knowledge regarding a weapon you are using is significant to operate and maintain it efficiently. In this section, we will discuss the main types to provide you with a better understanding of how each type works!

Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifles

If you are a novice shooter and have just stepped into the battlefield, there are more chances that your first weapon is a springer airsoft sniper rifle. This gun works on a propulsion mechanism which is pretty manual and depends on your actions for each fire. A springer is not very competitive but is considerable for beginners because of its labor-intensive design and long-lasting profile, but make sure to have your hands on the right one!


The spring rifles mostly consist of metal material, showcasing exceptional strength and resilience in their design. As this is a machine gun with no electric power, high heat or moisture wouldn’t affect it as abruptly as electric guns. The look is overall MilSim or military stimulation that gives a realistic vibe during the battle.

Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs) Sniper Rifles

A Japanese company pioneered the introduction of automatic electric guns in 2005. As the name suggests, these airsoft sniper rifles require no manual force because it functions automatically. Batteries and motors power the AEGs.

The battery powers the piston, converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. It converts this energy into inflation energy, propelling the rifle to shoot by transferring it to a compressed tank. Boom!

Electric airsoft sniper rifles

The functioning of AEG airsoft sniper rifles is very satisfying. These guns have less coiling making shooting speedy and long-range. However, you won’t be pushed back when a rifle is fired because of this coiling system. In short, AEGs are less realistic but efficient in performance and your pocket!

The appearance of AEGs is quite modern and stylish but they are not as long-lasting as mechanical guns. High heat or moisture exposure can adversely affect the batteries. Therefore you need to take extra care and maintenance of AEGs to elongate their life span.

Gas Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifles

The gas powered airsoft sniper rifles are quite popular in the airsoft rifles market for offering remarkable performance. The best thing about these guns is that they are more realistic, like a gas gun shoot, you will literally feel a kickback similar to the real guns. Mostly, fascinated youngsters buy these guns to experience genuine battlefield adventures akin to the army.

Sig Sauer Gas powered kind of 
 airsoft sniper rifle

As the name suggests, gas guns utilize “gas” as the power to execute. Depending upon the type of gas those rifles are using, there are two main types: non-blowback rifles or NBBs and gas blowback rifles or GBBs. An NBB rifle uses a green gas i.e., carbon dioxide to release a BB. Their functioning without wasted fuel (gas) results in a higher FPS rate for these guns. Handguns are usually non-blowback guns!

In contrast, gas blowback guns are the most demanding airsoft rifles in today’s market. These guns use carbon dioxide or green gas for two functions: fire the bullet, and bolt cycling for the upcoming round. The addition of incredible sidearms has made these rifles more effective and functioning.

High-Pressure Air (HPA) Sniper Rifles

Next are the HPA airsoft sniper rifles, also called high-pressure air rifles! HPA is a pneumatic or inflation mechanism in which the source is “air pressure”. There is a compressed air tank that stores pressurized air, and upon triggering, passes the air to force the bullet out from the rifle. In short, that gas canister is what makes the HPA gun different from other rifles!

HPA type of airsoft sniper rifle

In appearance and functioning, HPA airsoft rifles are more like paintball guns as there is an air tank and a hose on the external side. If you’re okay with having that addition in the weapon’s appearance, HPA rifles are an exemplary choice because of their performance. It actually improves your shooting performance in different positions and situations. However, you have to do a little compromise over realism!


Do airsoft guns need CO2?

There are different kinds of airsoft guns based on the power sources. The gas-powered rifles use carbon dioxide to fire a BB. These guns are in demand for their realism, efficient shooting, and fast performance. There are some other gasses like propane or any other green gas, which are used in gas guns, but CO2 stands out because it can power both: pistols and rifles!

What are the FPS limits for airsoft?

The FPS limit for airsoft depends upon the battlefield type: indoor or outdoor. The indoor fields allow up to 350 feet per second range for players, while in the outdoor battlefields up to 550 FPS is allowed. These standards are typically made to ensure players’ safety, so it can vary with country laws too. The above-mentioned standards are according to the USA.

What should I know before buying an airsoft gun?

Buying an airsoft gun is a challenging task because your choice will impact the gaming efficiency. In this way, it is recommended to consider FPS rate, speed, convenience, brand, durability, and performance before spending your bucks on a rifle. Before anything else, you need to discover what kind of airsoft gun is appropriate for you: gas gun, AEG, springer, or HPA?

Final Verdict

Getting the right kind of weapon in your hands can take your airsoft performance to the next level! Therefore, it is important to study the details first before making a purchase. In this blog, I have described the main kinds of airsoft rifles to provide you an ease in choosing better. I hope that this information will assist you in a good way!