Dragunov Airsoft Sniper Rifle | Design, Features & Manufacturers

The Dragunov airsoft rifle is a popular choice among airsoft fans. With its distinct look, realistic performance, and ability to fire both electric and gas rounds, the Dragunov is sure to make any airsoft fan’s heart beat faster.

It’s one of the most iconic and widely-used guns in the sport, known for its realistic design, powerful performance, and incredible range. But before you go out and buy one for yourself, there are some key things you should know about this rifle.

Let’s take a closer look at why the Dragunov airsoft rifle is so popular. 

Dragunov Airsoft

 Design and Construction Of Airsoft Dragunov

The Dragunov AEG is modeled after the classic Russian sniper rifle of the same name. It features a full metal construction with a real wood stock to give it an authentic look and feel. The adjustable stock, allows users to customize their weapon for optimal comfort and performance.

At 36 inches long, it has an impressive length that adds to its realism—as well as providing extra range and accuracy when shooting your opponents. It also features adjustable hop up for greater control over your shots.

Additionally, it comes with an integrated scope mount which allows you to attach a scope or other accessories with ease. This makes it ideal for long-range shooting scenarios where accuracy is key.


The Dragunov airsoft rifle offers realistic performance thanks to its semi-automatic firing system and adjustable hop-up system. The gun comes in both gas propelled and battery operated versions. Additionally, its high-quality internals help ensure consistent accuracy over long ranges.

All of these features make the Dragunov one of the most reliable airsoft rifles on the market today. It has an impressive muzzle velocity of around 370-400 FPS with 0.20g BBs—so you can be sure that even at longer distances your shots will still hit their target with accuracy and precision.

It also has a high rate of fire (ROF) thanks to its gearbox system which ensures that you can engage your opponents quickly in any firefight. The gun is powered by an 8.4v battery, which makes it easy to power up when you need to reload on the go.

 Distinctive Features Of Dragunov Airsoft

Features of Dragunov Airsoft

The Dragunov also comes with several unique features that make it stand out from other rifles in its class.

For instance, it has an adjustable trigger pull weight which allows users to customize their trigger pull based on their preference or playing style. Additionally, it has an integrated rail system which allows you to attach grips, lights, lasers and other accessories with ease without having to purchase additional hardware or adapters.

Finally, its metal receiver construction provides durability while still keeping its weight down so you can carry your weapon all day without fatigue setting in too quickly.  

This gun always reminds me of my days in Afghanistan where I used this beast a lot. And believe an army sniper, this gun is THE DEADLIEST sniper rifle and so I have found it’s airsoft version while testing on field.

Manufacturers Of Dragunov Airsoft Sniper Rifle

There are several manufacturers that produce airsoft replicas of the Dragunov sniper rifle. Some examples include:

LCT Airsoft: LCT Airsoft is a Chinese company that produces a variety of airsoft weapons, including an SVD Dragunov replica.
CYMA: CYMA is another Chinese manufacturer that produces a line of airsoft SVD Dragunov rifles.
A&K: A&K is a Chinese manufacturer that offers a range of airsoft weapons, including an SVD Dragunov replica.
Tokyo Marui: Tokyo Marui is a Japanese company that is known for producing high-quality airsoft guns. They offer an SVD Dragunov replica as part of their lineup.
Classic Army: Classic Army is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer that produces a range of airsoft weapons, including an SVD Dragunov replica.

 Final Words

Conclusively, there’s no denying that the Dragunov AEG is one of the best airsoft rifles available on the market today. Its realistic design, powerful performance, and impressive range make it a great choice for any serious airsoft player looking for a reliable weapon they can rely on in every battle situation they may find themselves in.

So, if you’re looking for a top-notch gun that will help you dominate any game field, then this gun is definitely worth considering!