Fps in airsoft

FPS is the abbreviation used for ‘Feet per second’ also known as meter per second. When the airsoft sniper rifles release the BB, measure of the particular speed at which barrel is left is known as fps. It is said to be the most undemanding way of determining the velocity of the BBs

fps speed tester for measuring

As it is a tricky deal to have a perfect estimated value of how fast your BB fire so a radar gun could be used to measure the speed. Precision, range, and stealth converge in the realm of best airsoft sniper rifles, redefining long-range engagements on the field. The range of the FPS lies between 200 – 1000 and above. 200 to 400 FPS is considered to be the safest range. 

How Are The BBs Affected By Airsoft Sniper Rifle’s fps?

bb in airsoft sniper rifles

Fps actually is the speed and the power at which the bullet out of your gun is pushed. Kinetic energy is also a very important factor when fps is under discussion because it tells how hard will the BB hit. Having a higher fps and lower BB is still a stronger combination than higher BBs and lowers fps. This is not always the case because other factors determine the shot too. 

How To Measure Airsoft FPS?

A chronograph is said to be the most error free measure of fps. A radar gun and chronograph works in a similar way. 

fps speed tester LED testing fps of an airsoft sniper rifle

To convert the rate of your gun between contrasting weights of BB an airsoft Fps calculator is used.

-Read the velocity from the chronograph and enter it.

-The BB weight that you used to chronograph should be inserted.

-The result is calculated by the calculator.

How BB Weight Affects Fps?

The heavier the BBs are the slower their movement and speed towards the target would be. They can be used to decrease the fps. Lower fps is witnessed in heavy BBs as more energy is needed to penetrate the air. The PPSH airsoft replica pays homepage to historical firepower enthusiasts to wield iconic world war 2 style on the airsoft battlefield. There’s also a possibility of heavier BBs hitting the target with a heavier impact due to its weight, higher accuracy and it being less susceptible to the wind. On the other hand the lighter BB may travel faster but it may have a little or lesser affect than the heavier BB. The fps is increased by the lighter BBs. Lightweight BBs are fragile so the interior of the gun might be impaired and may cause damage.

What Does FPS Affect?


First and foremost is power. If you want your shot to fly faster and hit the target harder so, a higher force should be applied. How longer it’s spent in the air is dissolved by the energy behind the action. The maximum energy that will be getting out is when you’ll press the trigger. 


Range comes after power. As we know the higher the force behind the action the faster it is. But then comes gravity, and intervenes because it has its own effects on the shot. 


It is preferred to not use the lighter BBs in airsoft guns. As they get driven very easily by the wind which affects the accuracy of the target. Lighter BBs are not suitable for the fps and the health of the gun which might affect the performance of the game and its exactness. 

Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Highest FPS:

Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifles:

The power of the spring is used in spring powered airsoft guns to drag the BBs out of the barrel. A piston air pump gets the energy by the compressed spring coil. Mechanical power is the main energy used as either they are set in a particular place for action (Sniper) or are held back (Pistol). The power of the spring would determine if the spring powered airsoft should be considered best or worst. The velocities up to 400 – 700 ft/s (120 – 210 m/s) make spring shot guns and rifles effective. 

best spring powered airsoft sniper rifle with high fps

Automatic Electric Guns (AEG):

Worldwide the most frequently used guns on airsoft fields are electric guns. What makes AEG closer to a spring loaded airsoft gun is the spring loaded pump which is used in both. A rechargeable battery and a battery charger which comes along make it even more popular. The spring pump gets its power from the electric motor to load the BBs. The velocity lies between 150 to 650 ft/s (46 to 198 m/s). 

Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifles:

The power of gas is used to drive the BBs out of the barrel in gas powered airsoft guns. Pistols are the most ordinary type of gas airsoft. Green gas, propane and CO2 are the most frequently used types of gas. Though CO2 is not commonly used, but it still shoots at a higher fps. The maximum velocity is 500 fps and 350 fps is considered as the average.

For outdoor fields you will want and need a greater fps for your AEGs. 500 fps airsoft guns are not recommended as it can hurt really bad. 

350 to 400 fps for outdoors and 300 to 350 for indoors is recommended. 

It would be okay to use 400 to 500 fps guns if you are using sniper rifles as they shoot through wide and long distances. 


Winding it up, as Fps measures the speed but it’s unable to tell how many joules are produced it’s not everything. Undoubtedly fps is one of the key factors but other things contribute to your performance and accuracy equally like how good of a player you are, your BB, weather (wind), and quality of the gun. Someone who is passionate about airsoft would play way better than someone who has only done the research

Another main fact that goes unnoticed is that fps does not tell how powerful your airsoft is. Just because an airsoft has lower fps doesn’t mean it’s weaker as the mass of the BBs play a very vital role. 

Fps should not be treated as something unimportant and should always be kept in the legal limits as it could hurt and cause injury to your opponent. Therefore make sure you listen to your referee and follow the fps rules which are imposed by your field.