How to increase FPS in Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Read this article for figuring out techniques for effortlessly increasing the fps of an airsoft sniper rifle like a pro.

Increasing fps in airsoft sniper rifles

Playing with an airsoft gun or practicing with it is a fun activity and if you want to upgrade your airsoft gun for better practice, then you are at the right place. You might be quite confused after searching different articles and won’t be able to find your answer but here, we will give you proper information about how to increase the fps of an airsoft gun easily.

Increasing or decreasing the fps of an airsoft gun is not a big issue and can easily be done with a little guidance. The ASG McMillan M40A3 Gas-Powered Sniper Rifle is widely regarded as one of the best airsoft sniper rifles over 500 FPS, delivering both accuracy and power. All you need is the new tools to assemble your gun properly, but it is done differently which needs to be understood.

How to increase the FPS of an Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Now let’s have a look at this procedure in detail for upgrading your airsoft gun.

1. Replacing Gun’s Butt

changing butt of airsoft sniper rifle to increase fps

purchase from the store may have a normal butt having a diameter of about 6.10 mm. But, if you want to upgrade its working, you can substitute the older one with a narrower butt that is about 6.03 mm or 6.01 mm in diameter. This tight butt nearly elevates 30 fps for a better target hit.

2. Replacing Springs

Altering the internal tools with new ones is the most common and known technique for your airsoft sniper rifles, where altering the spring of airsoft guns is a prime practice. Springs work as the prime part of airsoft guns, replacing these with new springs can give a great change in the performance. You can consider M130 and even M110 for increasing the fps, as they are known to give a great performance. If you replace your spring with any of these and still don’t get a set result, then change the whole toolbox for a good result.

3. Altering Cylinder

Altering cylinder of your airsoft sniper rifle to increase its fps

Parts of airsoft guns play the most important role in their performance. But, if you want to have a more prompting discharge, for this you can also substitute the ported cylinders which can be seen hanging from the gun, with non-ported ones sets within your airsoft gun with all the pellets loaded. This non-ported one can increase the fps of your airsoft gun at a significant rate, so if you want to set the fps according to your desired rate, changing the cylinder can provide an excellent result.

4. Air Discharge

There might be a problem with your airsoft sniper rifle that might cause hindrance in its effective performance, the reason can be the air discharge from the gun. Firstly, you need to scrutinize around your airsoft gun, especially the air vent may help you to know if your gun is discharging the air or not because the leakage might decrease the performance of your airsoft gun. Mostly, the nozzle with an O-shape is considered to give a good result, but if you’re determined to replace then pick the best one for you.

How To Do It?

After figuring out the problem due to which your airsoft sniper rifle is not showing you marked performance, you need to learn how to sort it out, by which procedure, and through which steps. For this, firstly you need to dissect the gun to see the component which is creating hindrance. Secondly, dislocate the components because there might be not just one but many components blocking the performance. Take out the ones causing hindrance and replace them, also keep a chronograph with you to measure the fps of the gun.

Many people nowadays are fond of playing or practicing with airsoft guns as a fun activity, and some of them want to practice with more high-performing airsoft guns and want to increase the fps of airsoft guns. For this, there are different ways through which you can alter the component with a fine one and enhance the performance of your airsoft gun. All these are basic guidelines for you to get a better guide for increasing fps.


If you are tired of practicing with a medium range of fps and need to boost up your performance with increased fps of your airsoft guns, you can have a look at this article. Here, I have explained to you in detail how you can increase the fps of airsoft guns by replacing the components that block the performance. So, read this article for a better guide to help you in increasing the fps according to your desired limit.


How can you adjust the fps of your airsoft gun?

The fps of the airsoft guns can be increased as well as decreased easily according to your desire. For decreasing the fps, you need to replace the spring with a more loose one with other gadgets also. And conversely, for increasing the fps, you may need a tighter spring to prompt the bullet more swiftly out of the gun.

How much fps can be counted as the limit range for airsoft guns?

Generally, the most common range for airsoft guns is 350 fps. In some states of the US, airsoft is even permitted with more fps but, in some areas you are permitted with even less than that range.

Are 400 fps and 500 fps capable of breaking your skin?

Yes, 400 fps and 500 fps are the deadliest ranges from the airsoft and that is why they are not even permitted by any state to be held by a person. 400 fps can pierce your skin and even the minuscule bones inside your body. Whereas, 500 fps can break your skin and can cause serious damage even if you’re wearing a protective suit.

How can you adjust an airsoft gun’s FPS?

You can modify FPS by changing the spring—use a looser spring for lower FPS and a tighter one for higher FPS.

What safety measures should you take when increasing FPS?

Wear protective gear, unload the gun, and refer to guides or experts to prevent accidents.

Are there legal limits for airsoft gun FPS?

Yes, different regions have FPS regulations; know your local laws to use your gun legally and safely.