How To Take Orange Tip Off Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Do you want to know how to take the orange tip off the airsoft sniper rifle? Then you are going to find all the easy and accurate information here.

How To Take Orange Tip Off Airsoft sniper rifle

Have you ever noticed an orange tip on your airsoft sniper rifle? If yes, you might wonder why that tip is and how to take that orange tip off an airsoft gun. I am going to tell you all about this orange tip so that you can understand the primary agenda behind it. Moreover, you will have a good view of the airsoft gun.

This orange tip on the airsoft sniper rifle indicates whether the gun is fake or real. Toy gun manufacturers are notified and ordered to attach the marking on the false weapon before it can be shipped because it indicates that it is fake, not real. Therefore it is illegal if anyone tries to change the orange tip. Henceforth, the orange tip is necessary while purchasing fake guns for airsoft.

These tips are attached to the gun in a way that can easily pop out, but the manufacturers sometimes glue it permanently to the airsoft gun. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it. I am going to guide you with an easy way to take the orange tip off an airsoft gun without causing breakage or damage.

How To Remove The Orange Tip From Airsoft Sniper Rifles


Before taking the orange tip off the airsoft gun, you must examine the gun properly. This way you will quickly find out the screws or pins that are holding the orange tip. Moreover, you will be able to see if it is a permanent tip or just a glued tip. An orange tip that is secured with a screw or pin requires pliers so that you can easily unscrew it.

Furthermore, with these pliers, you can unscrew the orange tip-off. After unscrewing it, this orange tip will come off with just a little force. Moreover, if you notice that the orange tip is not getting off, you must check if it’s attached with glue or other material. In addition to that, always remember to check the attachment method before taking the tip off. This way, you won’t damage your gun.

With The Help of Boiling Water

Didn’t you find any screws? If not, then you don’t have to worry about taking the tip off the airsoft gun because it is attached with an adhesive. This adhesive or glue can be removed entirely. All you have to do is take boiling water and dip the tip for 10 to 15 seconds. This way, you will notice the glue or any adhesive coming off, which loosens the orange tip, and eventually, it will fall off.

With The Help Of a Dryer

Another way to take an orange tip off an airsoft gun is to use a dryer. The dryer produces heat that allows the glue to melt. If your orange tip is attached with glue, then this is the best way to take the orange tip off. Remember to use the dryer in the presence of an adult if you are underage. This was one of the tips I used, and honestly, it worked for me while taking the orange tip off.

Using dryer to take off orange tip from an airsoft sniper rifle

Paint It 

One of the easy and practical ways is to hide the orange tip instead of removing it. All you have to do is take the pain similar to the color of your gun and paint the orange tip. You have to be very cautious while painting. Try to cover the gun leaving the orange tip uncovered, and slowly apply the paint. This way, your orange tip will be of a similar color as your gun. Isn’t it cool! But you have to keep in mind that this paint is not going to last long as it may fall off with usage.

With The Help Of Electrical Tape

In addition, taping the orange tip is quite similar to painting. For that, all you have to do is take a black electric tape and cover the orange tip of the airsoft gun. Eventually, the orange tip will look similar to the color of the gun. Furthermore, this electric tape can be easily removed if you want to have your orange tip back. So hide it whenever you want it in an easy yet simple way!

With The Help Of Paint/Polish Remover

Here is one of the other ways to take the orange tip off an airsoft gun. It is simple. All you have to do is take a paint or polish remover. With the help of a paper towel and Q tips that are dipped in remover, you can slowly rub at the orange tip. Eventually, the orange color of the tip will come off, and this way, the black base will be exposed, making your gun look real.


This guide is based on my personal experience to make it easy for you to take the orange tip off the airsoft sniper rifle. These airsoft guns have an orange tip that is easily removed if you follow the right method. Therefore, your airsoft gun will be secure and won’t get damaged. In addition to that, never use any of these techniques without the presence of an adult if you are below the required age to handle the equipment.

These orange tips are considered illegal to remove in some countries, but you don’t have to worry. It is only for the manufacturers and sale purposes because the law forbids them to remove the orange tips. This way, it is distinguished from real guns. Once the airsoft guns are bought, then it’s on the owner whether to remove the orange tip or not. 

I hope you find it easy, and these experiences might have solved all your problems related to removing orange tips. So grab your favorite airsoft gun and play with your airsoft team. The removal of the orange tip from your gun makes the gun and your game more real. Go airsofting and remove all your worries!