How old do you have to be to Play Airsoft?

How old you should be to play with airsoft guns and what are the limitations implemented in different states of the US are discussed here.

Minimum age to play airsoft. Young kid playing airsoft sniper

All of the children like to play with airsoft guns at a younger age but, many parents reading this article don’t even know about it.

Should parents be concerned about whether they should allow their kids to handle airsoft guns? At what age should parents allow their kids to engage in this activity?

Rest assured, we’ll answer all your questions with the best information to address your concerns.

How Old Do You Need To Be To Play Airsoft?

The point which confuses us is the similarity of the professional weapons with these guns, we often think are these guns as deadly as the professional weapons?

These guns are not as deadly but one should still take some precautions. Although airsoft guns are not deadly yet they can hurt so certain gear is required as a precautionary measure. There are different regulations in their usage and the most common of all is that of age which is also distinct for different countries. Let’s have a look at it.

Regulations For Airsoft Guns In US

The most common age for children to get hands-on airsoft guns is at 10 years to 12 years, but in some countries, it varies also. This game is very soothing, and shooters must follow proper rules to avoid any injuries. So, we will discuss the age preferably at which the young kids can play with these airsoft guns in the US.

USA map for min. age for playing airsoft

1. Alaska

The state of Alaska does not restrict the citizens in the usage of airsoft guns and it does not prohibit the usage at any age. These airsoft guns are allowed for use in parks or areas where hunting or shooting activities can be easily carried out. Whereas, at the municipal sites, these airsoft guns are strictly constricted to use except for the regions where hunting can be done easily.

2. Alabama

Next, comes the state of Alabama where playing with airsoft guns is very common for children. Children aging from 18 years can easily get an airsoft gun and play with it as they want. But, as the state does not show many restrictions, it doesn’t mean that if you are below 18 years you can’t buy an airsoft gun, you probably can but with the consent and permission of your elders.

3. Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is more known to be with more restrictions on the usage of weapons. This state does not allow the purchase and usage even for a fun activity by young kids. Rather, airsoft guns are seen as the duplicate of professional weapons which can’t be bought or used by underage people anyhow.

4. Colorado

Now let’s check out how old do you have to be to play airsoft in the country of Colorado and what regulations do they have. In Colorado, people who are 18 years of age and even more than that are permissible to purchase these guns from any market easily. Whereas, the younger teens or kids need to consult their elders first for using airsoft guns.

5. Florida

Florida is the state strictly following the laws and what age do you have to be to play with the airsoft guns in this state should be known to you. For your information, you must be 16 years old or above to have airsoft guns to play with them. The younger kids must act according to the consent of their parents if they allow them. Any person acquiring these guns without parents’ permission is punishable and would be subjected to jail custody. Even the parents would be punished for this act along with their kids.

6. Delaware

If you are still finding how old you need to be to play with airsoft guns in Delaware, then let’s have a look. In the state of Delaware, you’re allowed to purchase and use airsoft if you’re 18 years or above. While, if you’re 16 years old or less than that you need to take permission from your guardian and purchase it with their consent.

7. Hawaii

Hawaii like Florida is also a state with strict laws and you need to consult what age you have to be to play airsoft and what are the limitations for you. In Hawaii, people of 18 years of age or more are eligible to purchase these airsoft guns and play with them. The young ones need to take the consent of their parents first. Moreover, you also need to be concerned about the location because there are many regions where this is not allowed.

8. Mississippi

Lastly, about the state of Mississippi, what are the national laws and how old you need to be to play with airsoft guns should be known to you. Airsoft guns can be purchased at any age in this country and there are no such restrictions regarding age criteria. The state declares airsoft guns to be completely permissible but it is strictly refrained from using them in school areas or surroundings. Some shopkeepers may not allow you to purchase from them but you can use your elders’ airsoft guns.

Wrapping Up

We have given you a detailed analysis of the laws in this article that are set by these different states is very important to know to avoid any kind of strict penalty. All these states have their own conditions for the young ones to have airsoft guns, some of which allow them at the age of 18 or so on and some at the age of 16 years. All this might help you to understand better about the state laws.


Can young children of 12 years have an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns look like professional weapons but are not, so it depends upon the laws and regulations of your state whether they allow children of such age to have airsoft guns or not.

How old do you have to be to play with airsoft guns alone?

In general, the age limit for young ones to play with airsoft guns is around 12 years or so. But, there are also regulations in the fields to play with them safely which can not be ignored.

Is paintball more hurtful or airsoft?

Airsoft balls are known to be soft ones in comparison with paintballs. Though these airsoft balls are more speedy than the paintballs, they are not hurtful as paintballs.


As a parent, all of us are concerned about our children and want them to be safe. So, if you are a guardian and are still afraid whether to let your little ones play with the airsoft guns or not, you can have a lot of help from this article. Here, I have mentioned the different states and laws regulated among them accordingly for better help to understand. With these regulations, you also need to guide your kids on how old you should be to play with airsoft guns to avoid any harm.