MP40 Airsoft

An airsoft MP 40 can be powered by a spring, electric motor, or compressed gas, and it can be manufactured out of plastic or metal. The pellets or BBs they fire are either 6mm or 8mm in diameter. Airsoft MP40s may fire either semi- or fully-automatically, and their magazines can hold anything from fifty to one hundred BBs.

mp40 airsoft

Airsoft fans love the MP 40 because of the gun’s historical relevance and because of how easy it is to wield and move owing to its small size and light weight.


During WWII, Germany’s military created a submachine gun called the MP 40 (Maschinenpistole 40). Heinrich Vollmer conceived of it after studying the existing MP 38. The MP 38 was the first German submachine gun, and it saw heavy usage by paratroopers and other special forces in the early stages of the war.

MP40 Gun Design

The German military relied on the MP 40 submachine gun in 1940 because it was an improved variant of the MP 38. Infantrymen, paratroopers, and tank crews all used it extensively during the war, and it earned a reputation as a sturdy and potent weapon because of it.

The MP 40 employed a straightforward blowback mechanism and was designed to fire the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. It could fire up to 500 bullets per minute from its 32-round magazine. Stamped metal was used for much of its construction, thus it was inexpensive to make and easy to work with.

MP40 Used By

During World War II, the MP 40 was widely employed by the German military and also given to their allied forces, including the Italian and Finnish troops. In the decades following World War II, the weapon saw widespread service with armed forces and law enforcement agencies throughout the globe; it is now highly sought after by collectors.

German Army using MP40 gun

Airsoft MP40 Design And Construction

Design of MP40 Airsoft

The airsoft replica of the MP 40 features a stock and grip that are faithful to the real thing. The barrel shroud and magazine are both reproductions of the original designs. There are rumors that certain MP 40 airsoft models have a functional safety switch and movable sights.

MP 40 can range in size and weight depending on who makes it and what materials are utilized. They are typically small and light, making them simple to transport and operate.

Depending on the size and style of the magazine, most MP 40 airsoft have a capacity of fifty to one hundred BBs. Both the gun’s and the BBs’ quality determine the MP 40’s range and accuracy.

Powered By

The spring, electric motor, or compressed gas power most MP 40 airsoft weapons. Electric motor driven guns utilize a battery to power the motor, which powers the bolt and shoots the BB, whereas spring-powered guns need the operator to manually cock the spring before each shot.

Available Firing Modes

Depending on the model, an Airsoft MP 40 gun’s magazine can hold anywhere from 50 to several hundred BBs and can fire at semi- or fully-automatic rates. Depending on the power source and the quality of the gun, the rate of firing and the velocity of the BBs will be different. Plastic BBs of either 6mm or 8mm in diameter may be fired from most airsoft reproductions of the MP 40.

Performance Of Airsoft MP40

The efficiency of an MP 40 airsoft replica depends on the replica’s quality, the replica’s power source, and the manufacturer. Airsoft MP 40 airsoft guns, as a rule, are intended to be relatively low-powered and not capable of causing significant harm.

Performance Of Airsoft MP40

The rate of fire and velocity of spring-powered MP 40 airsoft weapons are lower than those of electric motor or gas-powered reproductions. While they may be easier to maintain and less costly, the trade-off is typically a decrease in strength and precision.

The rate of fire and muzzle velocity of battery-powered MP 40 airsoft guns are often higher than those of spring-powered versions. Despite being more precise and potentially more powerful, they are typically more expensive to maintain and always need a power source.


Overall, MP40 airsoft guns are relatively accurate, however this may vary across models and be affected by factors like the size of the BBs and the power supply.


These firearms are among the longest lasting on the market because of the superior materials they are constructed from. It’s possible that the quality will vary depending on the brand and model.

Manufacturers Of MP40 Airsoft

There are a number of manufacturers that produce MP 40 airsoft replicas. Some of the more well-known manufacturers include:

Tokyo Marui
Classic Army


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