rairsoft guns

Airsoft guns are realistic-looking imitations of real firearms. Firearms use bullets, whereas airsoft guns use BBs or pellets made of plastic or metal. Second, unlike airsoft weapons, real firearms require the use of explosive gun powder to fire. These replica firearms are often the same size as the originals and have a strong resemblance to them. Having an orange apex on the muzzle is required by law as a means of differentiation. Airsoft guns have long been utilized by the military, law enforcement, and other organizations for training purposes, but in recent years they have also gained popularity as a recreational activity in the great outdoors. Many individuals like using them in Milsim (military simulation) combat games. There are several locations in the United States where people may go to shoot airsoft guns for fun.

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Categorization Of Airsoft Guns

 Airsoft guns can be divided into different categories based on their size, shape, their range, power source, firing modes etc. Here is a little insight into airsoft world.

Types of rairsoft guns

Power Source:

Based on the power source, airsoft guns can be categorized as:

Electric Airsoft Guns:

Unlike conventional airsoft guns, which use spring energy, they use batteries. The vast majority of firearms used on airsoft fields across the world are electric guns. All electric airsoft guns should come with a charger and a rechargeable battery. Most electric airsoft weapons have many firing modes, from full auto to semiautomatic to single shot.

Rair soft electric gun echo1

Low Powered (LPA) EG

An LPEG, or Low Powered Electric Gun, is an electric airsoft gun with a relatively small propellant charge. These are sometimes disregarded because of their low pressure, but they are actually quite helpful for both kids and training purposes.

Rairsoft gun low powered

Electric Blow Back

High-end AEGs, often rifles, are powered by a rechargeable 9.0 volt battery; they are known as electric blowbacks, or EBBs. Electronic Bazooka Balls (EBBs) simulate the blowback motion of a real pistol or rifle, but with far less force.

Blowback electric rairsoft

AEG SMGs – Sub-Machine Guns

These compact, light weight maneuverable guns are specifically designed for close quarter combats. They usually have a higher number of rounds in their magz. These easy to handle guns have a high fire rate.

submachine gun airsoft

AEG Machine Guns

The functioning of an electric powered airsoft machine gun is identical to that of an electric powered airsoft rifle (AEG), with the exception that the exterior body dimensions are significantly greater.

rairsoft machine gun

Gas Powered RAirsoft Guns

BB-firing airsoft guns that employ a compressed gas system and normally use green gas/CO2 cartridges or occasionally external gas such as HPA or CO2.

Green Gas Rairsoft Guns

Green gas guns are powered by a combination of propane and silicone oil, similar to Elite Force Fuel. In contrast to carbon dioxide, green gas is solely utilized to fuel 6mm airsoft weapons. Since airsoft BBs are far lighter than steel BBs, less force is required to propel them with appropriate velocity.

rairsoft green gas guns

Co2 Rairsoft Guns

CO2 Airsoft guns are powered by a detachable CO2 cartridge, often known as a CO2 powerlet, which is widely available at sporting goods retailers. Because CO2 has a higher pressure than airsoft green gas, CO2 airsoft guns are typically more powerful and stable in cold weather.

rairsoft co2 guns

Gas Blow Back And Non Blow Back

There are internal and exterior gas guns, as well as blowback and non-blowback models. Generally speaking, gas-powered blowback rairsoft guns are more realistic and feature a functioning action that blows back and reloads the gun like a genuine firearm.

High Powered (HPA)

When it comes to Airsoft weapons, High Pressure Air (HPA) ones are the top of the line. These high-efficiency tools are fueled by compressed air tanks, just like paintball guns. HPA weapons provide greater potential for customization and less constraint on peak performance compared to alternative systems. While high-performance airguns (HPA) often cost more, they typically require less adjustment to reach their full performance capability.

HPA airsoft guns are the most potent because of their versatility, which allows them to give the maximum possible frames per second in the easiest possible way. One way to achieve this goal is through controlling the air pressure, which is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Air pressure (PSI) might affect FPS.

Spring Powered

Usually low priced these orthodox rairsoft guns that are powered by a compressed spring are the first to be invented. These are still very popular among the airsoft enthusiast.

Firing mode


Characterized by an automatic firing mode, these guns are capable of shooting a large number of rounds while the trigger is in pull function. That means they will keep firing till the trigger is kept pulled.

Semi Automatic

These guns shoot a single round every time the trigger is pulled. For firing a new shot, you will have to pull the trigger again

Single shot

                              For firing every shot, you will have to cock the gun. This cocking action is usually performed by a bolt action or a break barrel action. By pulling the bolt, the spring gets compressed and the BB is propelled by the power released from decompressing the spring.