What Is Green Gas Airsoft

Green gas in airsoft has many variables. It’s not only about the composition of green gas but how it works in an airsoft gun matters a lot.

What is Green gas used for in airsoft

There might be confusion about the purpose of green gas in an airsoft gun and its reliability. And above all, what is the green gas airsoft? Not to worry anymore, here is the answer to your questions.

Before engaging in airsoft games, it is important to understand which gas is preferable for use and the reasons behind its effectiveness in enhancing gameplay efficiency. For a green gas, some might say it is toxic and some say it is non-toxic in the same manner, some users say it is dangerous while others say it is not.

Is green gas good for airsoft guns? Questions like this arise before you start playing at a field and it’s good to find out before you step inside the battlefield. So no need to worry, in this article you will find the solution to your problems regarding green gas.

The solution to all these problems is outlined below to simplify your decision-making process. Let’s begin with the first question in your mind that what is the green gas airsoft.

What is Green Gas Airsoft?

Green Gas Air Soft

The green gas used in airsoft is chemically closer to propane. Green gas airsoft guns release pre-filled compressed air, mainly a mix of propane and silicone oil, through a valve-controlled system. Propane is the key component in this green gas.

In some cases, users just buy the propane-filled cylinder and a spare external adaptor to fill the gas in the gun. However, mostly the propane gas bought from the stores doesn’t come with silicon oil mixed with it.

Functioning of Green Gas Airsoft Guns

Militaries and other agencies adopt green gas airsoft guns for training because they operate in a far more realistic way. A pressurized gas reservoir within the airsoft gun stores the gas.

When a user will pull the trigger, there is a knocker that will hit the valve at the reservoir causing it to release a little amount of gas on the GBB platform.

The gas propels the BB forward, and the excess gas cycles through the gun’s slide or rifle’s bolt, enabling the reload for the next shot. This process is crucial for the continuous and efficient firing of firearms.

Toxic or Non-Toxic?

Pressurized propane gas constitutes the primary component of green gas. In its gaseous form, the propane gas is non-toxic. The gas is sure toxic itself when inhaled for a large amount and it could cause a person to suffocate. This is because propane gas is a heavier gas than oxygen and overcomes oxygen easily so the person may suffocate.

Keep that in mind that there is a specific scenario in which the victim could have inhaled more than a bottle of green gas to suffocate but not in every case hence users don’t have to get worried while using green gas airsoft guns at a battlefield.

Consumers should pay attention to precautions before buying green gas bottles because they are highly pressurized and may explode if not treated well but this is highly unlikely. Avoid storing bottles under direct sunlight as the sunlight generates ambient heat and causes expansion. Thus, the extra pressure built in the bottle may cause the bottle to explode. Try keeping the bottle in a cool place where there is no direct sunlight and try that your bootle doesn’t get punctured or dented which could otherwise cause leakage of gas.


As mentioned earlier, the main component of the green gas is propane which is flammable but that’s, not an issue as there are many products in the market which you have been using your whole life like shaving creams, fragrances, body sprays, hair sprays, etc. that contain flammable gas inside their components. Proper and careful use prevents the green gas from causing damage.

Benefits of Green Gas

There are many benefits of using green gas. Some of the benefits include the following points, such as it is easier on the gun, cost-efficient, and is often easier to keep guns loaded because green gas is relatively low in pressure than the other gases used in the game, so it won’t be stressful on the gun. It will also lubricate your gun and help while firing because of the silicone oil mixed in it. But it doesn’t mean that you will get rid of cleaning the pistol, keep on cleaning it timely.


Is Green Gas better than CO2?

In some cases, CO2 is better. CO2 is heavier gas and it can kick harder, shoot faster than green gas. It works really well in cold temperatures and because of its self-contained cartridge design, CO2 will function far better at extreme temperatures.

How Long does a can of Green Gas last?

It may vary with the temperature. Most of the green gas cans are available in a market and they will give you 20-30 fills of magazines on average. In optimum temperatures, you will get around 1.5-2 magazines per fill of gas. This equals to 30 to 60 magazines with one can of green gas.

How many shots are in the green gas can?

It depends on the can of the green gas how much oz of gas it contains. On average with the 12 oz container, you may get around 500 to 1000 shots. For more shots, you may need a cylinder with a higher oz.

Overall View

Green gas is friendly with guns and is cost-efficient, thus, available in markets easily. It is non-toxic as well. Using it with care, such as keeping it away from sunlight and fire, can maintain its safety as a gas.

Keeping away from direct sun rays is an ordinary thing because now almost every product contains fire-catching components so it’s not a big deal. Moreover, it is lighter than many other gases which is a good trait in often cases. So it is up to you if you would like to choose a lighter gas or a heavier gas to play with.