What is HPA in Airsoft?

The answer to the question, what is HPA airsoft, is simple and complicated at the same time but you can find every detail here.

what is HPA in Airsoft sniper rifles?
HPA airsoft sniper rifles and guns
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Heard about HPA from friends, and now you are wondering what is it? Is HPA airsoft better than electric airsoft and gas airsoft? Well, we are here to give you in detail answers to every question that is tangled in your mind. As airsoft is getting popular day by day, everyone wants to use the best guns and best accessories to make this game more interesting.

HPA is introduced in a manner to make this game more fun. But before you choose HPA airsoft, one should know its system. Moreover, you should also know its features and then decide if it is better than electric and gas airsoft. In this article, we will try our best to guide you with HPA in detail. So let’s begin with the very first question.

What is HPA Airsoft?

HPA stands for high-pressure Airguns. This is a system that requires high pressure of air for improved fire rate and powerful blowback effect. HPA airsoft can be used for both AEG’s and GBB’s. They can be used on almost every weapon like guns, snippers, pistols, etc.

How do HPA works?

HPA is a system in which a tank is connected to the gun. When you pull the trigger, it utilizes air as a source of energy. Even if you start using HPA airsoft, batteries are compulsory. A pneumatic system is followed by HPA airsoft guns. Instead of an internal high-pressure canister, an external tank is used for high air pressure.

Difference Between HPA and AEG

In AEG, air pressure is used, but this air pressure is created inside the gun through using the power of batteries. HPA follows the same mechanism with the use of batteries but the tank is outside and is connected to the gun with a hose. Both AEG and HPA use the Pneumatic system.


If you have used Gas or an electric airsoft gun and now you switch to HPA, you will observe that when gas or electric gun is used alone, they might perform well but might not be as powerful as HPA airsoft gun. There is a mighty difference in efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, the power provided by HPA is ultra best.

High FPS

HPA airsoft has the highest FPS of all other guns. This is done by controlling the air pressure’s PSI. The higher the PSI, the higher the FPS will be. At long ranges, your shots will be more accurate as it has higher FPS.

Adjustable FPS

Every battlefield approves specific FPS. In this case, if your battlefield needs your FPS to be specifically low, then you can easily adjust it with HPA airsoft. Just lower the PSI through the air tank, and you are all set to go.

Is it Expensive or Not?

When you switch to HPA airsoft gun from an electric or gas system, then the whole new setup may feel a little expensive. But once you set it up and it’s time to refill the tank, then you will realize that it is cheap. You can take more shots from around 500-1000 with HPA. You may also need to charge batteries, but charges are less as the voltage is low.

Set-up Requirements

To set up an HPA gun, you will need some of the items. These items include an HPA engine, Air tank, Regulator and line, batteries, lubricants, and tournament locks. It is easy to find these items in a market, and you can connect all of them by yourself easily.

Carrying HPA Tank

HPA tank weighs less than 3 pounds but carrying it for a whole day on your back might be uncomfortable for some people. You have to put the tank in a bag, but then no space will be left for other accessories. It is better if you attach it to the chest rig.

Tanks for HPA airsoft sniper rifles
what is HPA in airsoft?


When you use the magazine and have to replace it with the new one, at that time, you have to disconnect the gun from the cylinder and attach the new one with the airsoft sniper rifle. This might be time-consuming and annoying for some users. Reloading should take less time, in my opinion, when you are on the field and in the middle of a battle.


HPA airsoft sniper rifles are more reliable than other guns that use CO2. In cold temperature efficiency of gas-based guns fluctuate, and that reduces the efficiency of the gun. With HPA airsoft guns, you won’t have to worry about such problems.


When airsoft sniper rifles work, they make typical noise because of their mechanism. In spite of the fact that HPA airsoft guns are the most powerful guns, they still don’t produce much noise and are quieter among many others. The best part is you can also use airsoft suppressors to further suppress the sounds produced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is HPA airsoft safe to use?

HPA tanks are safe to use, but it comes with some precautions. Keep in mind some obvious precautions before use. The most important thing to keep in mind is never to put oil in a filled tank. The tank can combust and can cause serious injury if oil is filled in it.

How long does HPA battery last?

You have to buy a good quality battery instead of a cheap one. It will last for around 2 days of use. Buy a good quality battery which might be expensive at first, but you will not need to change it again and again.

Is HPA better than green gas?

HPA is better than gas airsoft in many ways. Once the setup is done, HPA is cheaper. Moreover, the accuracy of HPA is more than green gas. Green gas has an average pressure of 130 PSI, while HPA bottles have a high-pressure regulator with an average of 800 PSI at room temperature.

Is HPA airsoft legal to use in all airsoft fields?

While HPA airsoft is widely accepted in many fields due to its performance, some locations might have specific regulations regarding the use of HPA-powered guns. It’s advisable to check the rules and regulations of the particular field you intend to play in to ensure HPA setups are permitted.

What are the maintenance requirements for HPA airsoft systems?

Maintaining an HPA airsoft setup involves regular checks and upkeep. This includes cleaning the system, ensuring proper lubrication, checking for leaks, and inspecting the tank and hoses for any signs of wear and tear. Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance and safety.


Airsoft guns are famous for their efficiency, but most people criticize them as well. But not to be biased, choose HPA airsoft guns if you find them suitable for yourself. Every airsoft gun has advantages and disadvantages and so do HPA airsoft guns. Just keep in mind before you buy it whether the field where you are planning to take it accepts HPA airsoft or not.