What Is Patch In Airsoft?

This article would not only let you know about what is a patch in airsoft, but also about various other questions related to it.

What Is Patch In Airsoft? - Airsoft patches designs

Airsoft becomes more special and interesting when it is played with friends and family. Before you start this game, you should collect every possible information about Airsoft. This is not just a game but entertainment that is realistic in such a way that you enjoy every possible thing as it’s happening in real life.

It has proper weapons, gear, and an actual battlefield to give the players some chills. To keep it closer to reality, patches are also introduced for players. Now like other questions you may also wonder what is a patch in airsoft?

What’s it used for? and why is it important, etc, right? Well, we are here to answer all your questions one by one, just hold the rope and keep on reading.

What is a Patch in Airsoft?

Let’s make this answer simpler for you, as you know that there are different teams in an airsoft game and each team has its members. Each member of a particular team wears a patch to distinguish himself from another team. This patch makes achieving the goal effortless and obvious for team members.

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Let’s take an example, if there is a team of 6 members on one side and the opposite team has 6 members on the other side and both teams are wearing military uniforms then the first team will have a patch on which A is written and the members of the other team will wear a patch on which B is written. Although uniforms are the same, team members will recognize each other from a patch.

What is the Purpose of the Patch?

Basically, when you are playing airsoft you wear a helmet to cover your face so that one could be prevented from BBs. Wearing patches will tell you whether the other person you are targeting is from your team or from your rivals.

You can easily recognize your team member from the similar patch he is wearing.

Where is the Patch Located?

You can attach the patch to your helmet or on your vest. Most people prefer to attach the patch to the sleeves.

The choice is totally yours that where you want to attach the patch. But make sure that all other members of the team also attach the patch to the same area of their uniform.

place of patch on uni - Airsoft uniform patches

The Patch is Necessary or Not

The patch is for your comfort in a way that you can easily recognize your team members on an active battlefield. It is also seen that some people wear it for fashion.

However, in some fields, it is necessary to wear a patch with other compulsory accessories. So it depends on airsoft fields and on your choice as well.

Design and Availability of Patches

The patch for your team should have a specific symbol on it. It can be some kind of image, any quote, number, etc.

You choose what you want your team’s symbol to be. These patches can be found in a market from where you bought other accessories and are also available online. Your also hire a freelancer for custom patches design.

Top Airsoft design ideas for patches

These patches can be made through customized orders as well. You can create your own symbol for the team patch and order it online. It may take some time to get delivered but who cares as it will be fun and team members will look extraordinary.

Sticking the Patch

The airsoft patch can be attached to the velcro patch. This velcro patch is available on most vests and helmets. But if you don’t find it on your helmet or vest then you can sew the airsoft patch on your clothes.

Keep in mind you may sew the patch, but in case you have to remove it, this might take a long time.

This airsoft patch is washable. Just take it off and wash it with water but never iron it with the velcro patch otherwise the stickiness of the velcro patch will vanish as the material will melt. I prefer a velcro patch to sew on clothes as it’s easy to stick and remove.


Patches are definitely your choice, it has nothing to do with the efficiency of the game. If you want to play close to reality and you want to gear up properly then you should definitely order airsoft patches online or get them from the market.

These patches make the uniform more decent and make it easy for you to recognize your teammate in a field.

FAQs: What Is Patch In Airsoft

What is the best backing for your airsoft patch for long-term use?

Choose a velcro patch as it will be easy for you to wash the patch and stick it back. Velcro patch is best if you want a specific patch for only one event. Otherwise, if you want a firm stickiness then you can sew the patch as well but remember that if you want to remove it then it might take some time.

How much does a patch cost?

It might take from 2-8 dollars on average but it depends on the patch you are taking, whether it is loaded or not. But if you are thinking to order customized patches that are loaded as well then it might cost you more. Before giving online order, check the price. If the price is not mentioned then it is better you call them and ask.

How big airsoft patches one can get?

Most patch-producing companies have an average size of patches. But sometimes small and large sizes are available. If you are thinking to order a customized patch then the size would be given in a size section, you can choose the size from there and fill it in a blank space.


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