What To Wear For Airsoft

If you are confused and you don’t know what to wear for airsoft? Then just read this article and you will find a solution to your problems.

chill suit to wear for airsoft snipers

Airsoft may look like a dangerous game to play, but if you know what to wear then you will definitely protect yourself from injury. It is not necessary to wear expensive clothes when going on the field. Airsoft has a limited and within your budget gear and clothes range that you can get for yourself without any inconvenience

In this article, I am going to share with you all the options available that will cover up all the gear to play airsoft. I will take into consideration your budget limit and present easy options available to purchase essential items to wear for airsoft. Therefore, after reading this article you won’t have to listen to anyone who says that airsoft gears are worth a lot of money!

In addition to that, if you wear this protective gear, you minimize the risk of getting wounded. This way your chances of winning the game increase. Furthermore, you will find things that are easy to carry and wear. Moreover, you will find these items readily available at the market or you might have them at home right now. Without further ado, let’s dig in and find out what actually you should wear for airsoft?

What To Wear For Airsoft?

Protective Gear For Eyes

The first and foremost thing to get for yourself is eye protection gear. You have many options available in the market. You can either choose to wear goggles, glasses, or masks to protect your eyes. Furthermore, you have to remember one thing, never wear low-budget glasses or goggles for airsoft. Moreover, always test your eyewear at home before going to the game.

Air soft goggles

Protective Gear For Your Face

Face protection is also necessary while going airsoft. For your face, you must have to wear an airsoft helmet or a full face mask. This way your face will be covered and you won’t get hit by the ball bearings. Purchase these airsoft helmets from a very well thought off airsoft store as they are experienced in airsoft gear.

Facemasks to protect face in airsoft

Avoid using face masks that do not have a proper eye protection area because this may cause severe injury when you get hit. Therefore go for a better option when it comes to protecting your eyes and face. The best option is to get a full face mask, this way you will be able to shield your eyes and face from airsoft ball bearings.

Protective Gear For Your Head

Airsoft helmets for protecting head

Airsoft won’t cause any serious damage to your head but it might cause a cut or a minor wound. Therefore, to safeguard yourself from this injury, you must have to wear an airsoft helmet. This helmet will protect your head from a bomb. Moreover, it will look amazing to wear for airsoft. You will find these helmets in various designs and prices for your convenience.

Protective Gear For Your Body

Along with your eyes and head, you must protect your body. However, you don’t have to wear any expensive clothing. Therefore I am going to give you some easy options available to wear for airsoft. Airsoft clothing includes thick fabric such as denim jeans, a hoodie, and a jacket or you can also choose to wear any shirt. Furthermore, you have to wear boots or non-slip sneakers to protect your feet.

Body protection for airsoft

You can wear anything that is available with you at home. Some players prefer to wear uniform pants and jackets with proper vests and pouches to make the game look more thrilling. Therefore, it depends completely on what you prefer to wear for the game. Therefore don’t worry about getting yourself exclusive clothes for airsoft. Your own clothing can also work if you have a low budget or you can’t find it.

Protective Gear For your Hands

Airsoft gloves

Similar to all the body parts, your hands also need protection. Henceforth you must have to wear proper gloves to protect your hand. Wear a strong pair of hand gloves to safeguard your fingers and knuckles from the airsoft BBs. These hand gloves are easily available at your nearby airsoft store or you can find them online at amazing prices. Therefore a good pair of gloves will reduce the chances of injury.

Protective Gear For Your Chest

A vest is an additional gear that you should wear to protect your chest from serious injury. This gear will add more shielding to your chest. These vests or chest rigs are available in various types and prices. I prefer you to go for a vest/chest rig that has extra compartments built in it. These compartments will help you store the extra ammo and you will easily reload your airsoft gun during the game.

Choice of Shoes

When it comes to airsoft, it’s crucial that you wear a good pair of shoes for both your safety and your performance. Airsoft is played in a variety of environments, including wooded areas, urban areas, and indoor arenas. The suitable footwear will shield the toes and ankles from harm and the body from strain. They need to withstand repeated wear and tear, be comfortable to wear, and have sufficient grip for a variety of activities, including walking, crawling, and climbing. Not only is it necessary to have luminous material on your shoes for airsoft games performed at night, but it also helps with visibility. You may improve your airsoft experience and keep yourself safer by purchasing a quality pair of boots made for the sport.


What to wear for airsoft when the weather is cold?

The answer is simple, if the weather is cold and you decide to play airsoft then you must wear thick socks, thick denim jeans, a jacket, proper boots, a scarf, a helmet, and a face mask. This is a killer combo for playing airsoft in chilly weather. All these will protect your body from the airsoft BBs as well as from the cold weather. Enjoy your airsoft and don’t worry about the cold!

What to wear for airsoft when the weather is hot?

If you are playing airsoft when the weather’s hot and you don’t want to get all sweaty then I prefer you to wear a Combat and under armor shirts. These shirts come with elbow pads that are already installed in them and they also have extra pockets for you to keep the ammo. The fabric prevents your body from sweating and dries quickly if it gets wet. You can also use these Combat and armor shirts in other weathers also.

What should we pack for airsoft?

When you are planning to go for airsoft always remember to pack all the important things. These include your airsoft gun, rifle bag, extra batteries, ammo, water bottle, BB loader, cleaning supplies, and proper protective gear. Moreover don’t forget to take sunblock with you.

Final Words

Safety should be your first priority when it comes to playing airsoft. For safety purposes, you must opt for top-listed and high-quality equipment and gears. Therefore for playing airsoft you must wear proper headgear including strong helmets. Moreover for your face, eyes, and body, you must have to wear proper facemasks, goggles, glasses, gloves, boots, and thick fabric clothing.

I have written this article to make it easy for you to understand what to wear for airsoft. I hope that by now you also have understood how important it is to wear this equipment. Therefore always remember that gears shouldn’t be expensive enough for you to have a thrilling and amazing time while playing airsoft. So go and grab your airsoft gear from the airsoft store or online and enjoy the game like a pro!


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