What Is Airsoft Game?

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what is an airsoft game?

Many people who are reading this article may not know properly what the airsoft game is and what its rules are. Well, the airsoft game is a physical indoor as well as an outdoor game which people of different ages always love to play and this game is played on different levels with different rules to be followed upon.

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The ones not having much knowledge about this game may have a lot of questions in their minds. But, don’t worry about it at all, we will guide you enough about this game in this article so read it till the end.

What Is Airsoft Game?

The airsoft game roots back in the 1980s and 1990s where it was firstly played in Japan and then expanded its roots in the UK also. In this game, the player of each team targets their combatant with an airsoft gun which hits them with a soft pellet ball.

It does not leave any mark like the paintball game but, the one who’s hit by this pellet will shout “hit” even if no one has noticed it. It is played on the junior level as well as in military training by professional players and has different types.

1. Different Patterns Of Airsoft Game

Airsoft game can be played in different ways and has different rules in each type. Airsoft games can be played as an indoor activity as well as an outdoor activity.

These different styles of airsoft games can be played on an initial level by young children also by teenagers in their leagues. Moreover, this game can also be employed in military training by professional players for their practice.

2. Various Forms Of Playing Airsoft Game

Forms of Airsoft games

Airsoft games can be played for different purposes by the players. They can lead from the simple airsoft game played in the home ground to an organized airsoft game by military cadets. So, here are the different forms of airsoft games most commonly played by people. Let’s have a look at these.

  • The One With High Velocity

This form of airsoft game employs a speedy ball that is of high velocity and is thrown towards the combatant player. This form of airsoft game is mostly used for military practices by the highly skillful players at the fields.

The pellet ball used in this form might be according to the set demand and this form of airsoft game is becoming popular day by day.


The next form of airsoft gameplay is the AIPSC which is also mostly played by people that are fond of playing this game. This game has a long history from the era when shooting weapons were prohibited in several countries.

This game is listed as a typical shooting game to hit the mark targets at a specific time. This resembles the original International Pistol Shooting Championship known as IPSC but is a bit different from it.

  • Skirmish

The skirmish is yet another form of airsoft game and is the most common among all forms of this play.

This play is the principal form of airsoft game, in which there are two different teams selected and these players target their opponents to score better and win the play.

Different Roles In Airsoft Game

During the play of airsoft, there are different characters that have their own role which is vital in the execution of a smooth game. These roles and their control must be understood very well by you or your child for your or their applauded performance at the game.

So, let’s have a look at these roles performed by each player for you to understand them better.

  • First comes the “Medic” player, he is the one who needs to be shielded at all costs by the team. If that player is hit by the opponent, he cannot be placed back in the team. He is also armed with weapons to defend himself.
  • Then, comes the “Runner”, who has to run along the whole track without being hit by the rival players.
  • The player “snipper” has the role of keeping a close eye in the field. They covet themselves and target their enemy.
  • The player who is entitled to be “Protector” is the one who safeguards all of the members of his team from the opponents.
  • “Referee Of The Game” is the player who maintains a quality play of the game and ensures all the rules are followed by each player.
  • Whereas the “ Soldier” is the player who is fully equipped with bullets to shoot the opponents and shield his team players.
  • The most important is the “Communicator” who keeps all the members of his team to be updated with the position of the combatant player.

So, concluding here I have described all the players involved in the airsoft game and their performance roles in the game. One should keep in mind the rules of the game and also what position to take according to their capability.

As it varies according to different levels and different forms of the game, so play skillfully.


Airsoft game is a versatile game that can be played on different grounds by players of different levels of multiple ages. This game can be played by a child of 12 years of age or a teenager of 16 years and even it can be employed for military practices by the soldiers.

So, this game has its different applications and even has different regulations which need to be followed.

FAQs: What Is Airsoft Game?

Is it allowed for the 12 ears child to play airsoft games?

Yes, a 12 years old child can play airsoft games with parents’ consent. If your child is properly educated for the play, he can play this game. So, it is better to educate them first about the game and there are proper laws and age limits for them to hold the gun.

Does paintball hurt more or the airsoft ball?

Generally, the airsoft ball has greater speed than the paintballs but, the paintballs are greater in size and have more weight than the airsoft balls. So, paintballs hurt more than airsoft balls.