What is an Airsoft Sniper Rifle

If you are wondering what is an airsoft sniper rifle, you are going to find this article very useful in satisfying your curiosity.

what is an airsoft sniper rifle

If you are new to airsoft games, you must be wondering what an airsoft sniper is and what makes it so unique. The name can be a little misleading, which is bound to make you feel hesitant in letting your kids use it. Believe me, I know how daunting a name gun can be, and having your kid ask for it can literally make your eyes pop out of its sockets.

But believe me, the fact is quite the opposite. Airsoft sniper rifles works operate by utilizing spring, gas, or electric mechanisms to propel plastic BBs with precision and velocity.

Airsoft guns are called so because of their resemblance to a real gun. But they are not as lethal as a real gun can be, which is why you can use them to play airsoft without dying. So, if you are interested to know more about airsoft guns, then dig deeper into this article because I am about to tell you everything you need to know.

What Is An Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Low-Velocity Non-Lethal Guns

Airsoft sniper rifles are non-lethal guns, also known as mock air guns. These rifles use small plastic projectiles called BBs instead of actual bullets. These plastic projectiles measure 6 mm or 8 mm and are shot with a velocity of 70 to 550 fps (feet per second).

At such speed, airsoft guns don’t have the power to inflict a flesh wound; however, the impacted area will swell up. You are also advised to wear proper protective gear when using airsoft guns to cover up the delicate parts of your body, such as ears and eyes.

Uncanny Resemblance To A Real Gun

An airsoft sniper is a pure inspiration of a real gun which is mainly the reason why airsoft guns gained popularity amongst people. People who can not own a real gun owing to state laws or any other reason can have the pleasure of having one in the form of an airsoft gun.

An airsoft sniper has all the features of a real weapon in terms of build, appearance, and weight, with only slight differences, such as BB plastic projectiles used within instead of real bullets. Plus, an airsoft gun does not cause a flesh wound like that inflicted by an actual bullet.

Safety Concerns

Airsoft guns can prove to be very dangerous if not handled with care. You are recommended to wear thick clothes that cover all parts of your body and also wear protective gear while you play airsoft.

The reason is that the airsoft projectiles, if shot at bare skin, can cause bleeding and blood blisters. the best bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle enhances strategic gameplay by providing unmatched accuracy and reliability on the fact. The situation worsens if it is shot at a shorter range.

So, you should take all the precautionary measures. Besides, kids should be closely supervised while they play airsoft.

Final Thoughts

We hope you read this entire article word by word and found it helpful in satisfying your curiosity over airsoft guns. In short, these are the closest things you can have to a gun if you are living in a country where gun ownership is considered illegal.

An airsoft gun resembles a real gun and should be handled with as much care as a real gun requires because if not taken care of, airsoft guns can inflict severe injury to you and your loved ones as well.


Can you get killed by an airsoft sniper rifle?

Airsoft sniper rifles are merely mock air guns that people use to play airsoft. They use plastic projectiles that do not cause any direct harm to a person if handled with care, apart from causing a little pin in the area exposed to the direct hit.

However, if you don’t handle these guns with care, it can cause severe injuries to the people around you. For instance, the plastic projectiles can poke your eyes, ears or may even get stuck inside your skin. So, you are always recommended to use proper protective gear to reduce such risks.

What are airsoft guns used for?

Airsoft guns are basically used for playing airsoft games. However, due to their uncanny resemblance to real firearms, airsoft guns can also be used for various other purposes as well. For instance, airsoft guns can be used as props in movies.

Apart from that, they can also be used for target practice and firearms training. In any case, you must be very careful with an airsoft gun because it can prove to be extremely deadly if not handled with care.

Does an airsoft bullet hurt?

Airsoft guns are not real firearms; they are mock air guns with plastic projectiles shot with a much lower velocity than actual bullets. However, it has enough power to make you feel sharp stinging pain the instant it hits your bare flesh.

So, you are bound to feel pain for just a little bit; however, you can reduce the impact by taking a few preventive measures, such as wearing proper protective gear. The pain inflicted by airsoft projectile also depends on your tolerance and the range it was shot.

Does paintball or airsoft hurt more?

Both the paintball and airsoft will hurt you if you get hit directly. However, paintball hits tend to hurt more than airsoft hits between the two. The reason behind this conclusion is that paintballs have a higher impact rate.

Paintballs are larger than airsoft projectiles; hence, they can make you bruise for days. On the other hand, airsoft projectile hits make you feel a sting like a bee, and the impact area swells rather than getting pierced like the wound inflicted by a real bullet.

Can airsoft guns puncture skin?

No, airsoft guns do not have enough power to puncture skin except for a few exceptional cases. Usually, an airsoft gun is designed in such a way that it does not break the skin.

However, some airsoft guns are capable of puncturing the skin, especially when shot at a shorter range. Besides, you can also get your existing gun modified to have enough energy to inflict flesh wounds on your opponent.