Best Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifles | Detailed Review of 2024’s Top Picks

Pick up the best airsoft gas sniper rifle from our review guide and enjoy the unbeatable features of accuracy in your next field operations!

best gas airsoft sniper rifles

In last year’s tactical mission, we got the victory in the most challenging war situation with some of the best airsoft gas sniper rifles. We were looking for the silent but deadliest weapons to complete our mission with, and that was when airsoft gas sniper rifles fulfilled our all expectations. So, if you are also looking for powerful rifles that can help you most realistically, sniper rifles from airsoft with gas as the power source are the way to look forward to. These sniper rifles are known for using green gas in carbon dioxide as fuel for firing BB.

Thus, they acquire the highest velocity and realistic feel compared to the electric-powered or spring-based airsoft sniper rifles. The aesthetic picks in this regard will allure your heart. However, the problem with gas-powered sniper rifles is that they are few in the market. Despite their meager number, you will find many of them with faulty performance. Using our personal experience and the opinions of other expert users, we have made this guide to help you choose the best product. Here we go!

Best Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifles | Review

1. H&K MP5 K-PDW CO2 BB Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle – Most Powerful Airsoft Sniper


  • Excellent receiver
  • Consistent performance

The uniqueness of the H&K MP5 K-PDW CO2 BB Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle lies in the smaller size yet powerful performance that it delivers. The matchless capacity of the MP5 K-PDW renders it the best airsoft gas sniper rifle because it can accompany you in all-day shooting without any hindrance. Additionally, this sniper rifle is known for its user-friendly features.

H&K MP5 K-PDW CO2 BB Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle

MP5 K-PDW offers comfortable handling because of its ergonomic design. That is the reason any of your family members can use it without any worries. This gas-powered sniper rifle from airsoft comes with the astonishing muzzle velocity of 400 fps for the BBs of your choice. The magazine of this rifle is a powerful one having a capacity of 40 rounds with removable features.

If you are curious about the green gas utilization aspect of the H&K MP5, then we must tell you it works on the CO2 cartridges having 12 grams of weight. The operational mode of this gas-powered sniper rifle is semi-automatic only. Using it for some time will make you a pro, helping you perform well in the field.

While field testing it, most of the users have reported it as easy to handle, handy semi automatic airsoft gun. A statement I fully endorse after testing it and YES I have decide to keep it permanently in my gun cache. Here is a picture that shows what this innocent looking gun did to the target when it was singing in my hands.

Umarex H&K MP5 field testing - best gas airsoft guns
Testing H&K MP5
Accuracy checked for Umarex H&K MP5
  • Matchless muzzle velocity
  • Excellent receiver
  • Consistent performance
  • Durability needs enhancement

The H&K MP5 has prepared it with the most intelligent design, making it the best rifle, working silently but deadly. You will enjoy the realistic performance by doing an excellent shoot with this rifle. Also, you can enjoy the fantastic features of this sniper rifle at a very minimal price. Based on our experience with the H&K MP5, we strongly recommend you to go for this great pick. Investing in this gas-powered sniper rifle will be worth it.

2. ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Top Rated Airsoft Gas Sniper

ASG Tac-6

  • Varied attachment options
  • Lightweight and durable

The faster reloading and accurate shooting enabled by ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle helped us in the tactical missions on the field efficiently and reliably. Also, we admire the ASG Tac-6 for its lightweight design and its power sources of green gas. It is easy to accomplish the hardest and fastest shoots with this fantastic and best airsoft gas sniper rifle. One more factor that will be enhancing your shooting performance with the ASG Tac-6 is that it has a the ergonomic pistol grip.

Pistol grip of ASG Tac-6
Pistol Grip
ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The manufacturers have used metallic components for constructing this rifle. It has a total weight of 3.5 pounds, making it easier to handle. This rifle used CO2 as the source of power. If you are curious about the facile BBs reloading in your rifle, we must tell you it is possible because of the stick resembling the magazine. If you are desirous of attaching different accessories and other optical and tactical items, you can do so with your ASG Tac-6.

The additional attachments with the ASG Tac-6 are possible because it comes with the top rail, equipped with the Picatinny with the entire length. It’s not all about attachment options with this gun because the lower part of this sniper rifle also allows you to do so. You can use the lower part rail to attach the bipod and other tactical accessories, e.g., lights, lasers, etc. We must not forget to tell you that this rifle comes with a pair of removable accessories. These accessories are inclusive of the fixed sights having a front bead.

Long rail on ASG Tac6
  • Additional items
  • Varied attachment options
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Suitability only for medium range

A gas-powered sniper rifle offering number of attachment options is indeed the best one to consider for purchasing. ASG Tac-6 has been designed with the best-integrated bay for mounting your laser targeting modules. Also, there is a thumbhole stock with a comfortable rubber pad to shoulder it comfortably in the field. So, enjoy all the benefits coming with this rifle by purchasing it.

3. Evike HFC VSR-10 Full Size High Power Airsoft – Best CO2 Gas Sniper Rifle


  • Varied adjustability options
  • Unquestionable durability

Extremely durable internal components and matchless performance are what separates Evike HFC VSR-10 Full Size High Power Airsoft CO2 Gas Sniper Rifle from the other market-worthy options. The matchless muzzle velocity of this best airsoft gas sniper rifle renders it worthy of purchase.

To be more specific, the HFC VSR-10, a CO2 BB gun sniper, boasts an impressive velocity of 600 to 650 fps, using 0.20g BBs. Therefore, experience an ultimate power with this gun is guaranteed. However, we recommend you to use the BBs having heavier weight and possessing the highest quality matrix.

Evike VSR 10, High powered Co2 gas operated airsoft sniper rifle

If you purchase this great gun, you don’t have to worry about doing additional upgrades because it will deliver excellent performance in the inherent form. When we used this fantastic gas-powered sniper rifle, we loved it for its durable construction. Mainly we were impressed by the excellent performance ensured by the higher impact receiver made from polymeric components.

HFC VSR-10 has the most robust barrel, trigger, and bolt made from metallic constituents. CO2 powers this sniper rifle. That is why you will be gaining more control due to the higher rate of firing, and thus, shooting will be more fulfilled and exciting. We suggest you use CO2 cartridges having 12g weight for excellent performance. The magazine of this rifle has a capacity of 28 rounds.

Bolt and trigger of Evike VSR 10
Barrel of Evike VSR 10
Magazine of Evike VSR 10
  • Exceptional muzzle velocity
  • Varied adjustability options
  • Unquestionable durability
  • Scope is absent

If you are making fantastic searching for a powerful sniper rifle that runs on the gas, you must not miss an excellent choice like HFC VSR-10. With the adjustable hop-up, you can achieve success in the most challenging and fastest shoots. The range of this incredible option is 190 to 210 feet. The manufacturer will be providing you with the package containing a sniper rifle, manual, 28 rounds capacity magazine, and a speed loader.

4. KWA AKG-KCR Full Metal 6mm Gas Blowback 40rd Airsoft Rifle


  • Matchless accuracy
  • Amplified sight radius

The KWA AKG-KCR Full Metal 6mm Gas Blowback 40rd Airsoft Rifle has secured a considerably more vital position among the best gas blowback airsoft rifles due to its accuracy and precision. The ‘real steel’ inspired KWA AKG-KCR makes it the best airsoft gas sniper rifle. The suitable weight, real feeling, and ergonomic design will enhance your shooting performance. Also, the field stripping with such features will help you gain more precision and accuracy in shooting.

AKG the top and most realistic gas operated airsoft sniper rifle

KWA AKG-KCR comes with the gas piston for CO2, and it causes a considerable reduction in the felt recoil. When we used this sniper rifle in the field operations, we loved it for the windage adjustment feature. Thanks to the manufacturers for doing modifications by adding the rear sight and moving it towards the back of the dust cover. With this transformation, you will be getting a sight radius increment of up to 64%. Therefore, accuracy is promised with this design.

In addition to this, KWA AKG-KCR has an extraordinary grip feature that is attributable to thumb safety, majorly known as the Galil style thumb safety. This feature will also enable you to make your favorite selection of the different firing modes. Another exciting feature of this sniper rifle is the modified carbine stock tube. The makers have replaced the previous stock with the new Mil-Spec carbine allowing you to do the adjustability in the way you want it.

Magazines of KWA AKG KCR
Triger and firing mode selection switch of KW AKG KCR
Rear sight of KW AKG-KCR enhancing sight radius
  • Excellent magazine capacity
  • Matchless accuracy
  • Amplified sight radius
  • Heavier

If versatility and durability are your preferences, you must not ignore an important choice like KWA AKG-KCR. It allows you a wide range of adjustability options, including pull length. Also, you can go on selecting from different retractable stocks that the manufacturer will supply you. With the magazine capacity of 40 rounds having 3.75kg weight, your field operations will be victorious than ever.

5. Beeman CO2 177 Caliber Airsoft Rifle | Best CO2 Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Beeman 177

  • Maximum muzzle velocity
  • Durable construction

Beeman CO2 177 Caliber Airsoft Rifle is an exclusive choice that will be accompanying you in the operation field no matter what weather you are facing. The construction material of the Beeman CO2 177 is an all-weather RESISTANT synthetic material. When you use this top-tier sniper rifle for shooting, you will admire it as the best airsoft gas sniper rifle because it is user-friendly. Also, it offers a wide range of adjustability features.

You just have to load the CO2 cartridges followed by popping up into the rifle chamber, and an amazing shooting experience is ahead of you. You will enjoy the comfortable handling and stability as you shoot because Beeman CO2 177 is unbeatable in terms of ergonomic design. This gas-powered sniper rifle will be making your challenging shoot easier. All you need to do is to create a fine adjustment of the single-stage trigger of the Beeman CO2 177 in addition to the adjustment of the rear sight.

Co2 Cartridges of Beeman 177
Co2 Cartridges
Pistol grip for more control on shot Beeman 177
Pistol Grip
Smooth Trigger of Beeman 177

For me this beauty is a love at first sight. Perfect shots aided by the gas propel system, more control over shots due to pistol grip and smooth trigger were among other features noticed by me, of this admirably beautiful looking yet deadly airsoft sniper rifle during field testing.

If you prefer customization of your warfare tools, then we have a piece of good news for you. Beeman CO2 177 is a fully customizable sniper rifle for rail systems. You can easily customize the rail system with the weaver and Picatinny, which is placed on the frontal region of the foregrip. If you are pondering upon the muzzle velocity of Beeman CO2 177, then you will be glad to learn that it has a fantastic rate of 650 fps.

Rubber pad on stock of Beeman 177
Rubber Pad
Rails for more options for customizations in Beeman
Fps for Beeman shots tested
FPS tested
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Maximum muzzle velocity
  • Durable construction
  • Scope is missing

If you love resistant and customizable picks in terms of gas-powered sniper rifles, then Beeman CO2 177 is here to amaze you with its impressive features of all-weather construction. Also, the comfortable handling will enable you to use this single-shot rifle for hours. Enjoy the additional accessories and other items with this sniper rifle. Based on our experience with this rifle, we strongly recommend you to go for this great pick.

6. Evike A&K M1873 Mares Leg Lever Action Airsoft Gas Rifle

A&K M1873

  • Unified lanyard ring
  • Extensive lever loop

Increase your strength and power in the operation field with the Evike A&K M1873 Mares Leg Lever Action Airsoft Gas Rifle owing to the versatility and effective design it has. The unique and robust construction of metallic internal components renders this gas-powered sniper rifle the best airsoft gas sniper rifle. The metallic receiver will ensure durability for many years and make your shooting amazing.

Evike A&K M1873, unique gas airsoft sniper rifle - best green gas airsoft rifle

In addition to this, the manufacturers of the A&K M1873 have also made the gaseous system components, D-lever loop, and barrel with fine quality metal. The hop-up system of this gas-powered airsoft sniper rifle is unforgettable. A&K M1873 is a unique rifle compared to the other market-worthy choices because the butt-pad is made with brass.

You might be curious about the capacity of the magazine that comes with this gas sniper rifle. Then we are glad to inform you that it has a robust internal magazine with 25 rounds capacity. This rifle will ensure practical shooting with good speed because of the lanyard ring supplied with it. The good news is that this lanyard ring is an integrated one. With a total weight of 1690 g, you will be able to handle it without any inconvenience.

Enlarged Lever Loop in M1873 A&K Evike
Lever Loop
Nozzle for filling gas in M1873 Evike A&K
Gas Nozzle
25 rounds magazine in M1873 Evike A&P

While testing this charmer, I have felt more like a hero from Wild West. I have experienced it to be quite accurate and reliable. Even after shooting for quite a time, it did not malfunction for once even.

  • Strong metallic construction
  • Unified lanyard ring
  • Extensive lever loop
  • Occasional misfires

Opt for the strongest and durable gas-powered sniper rifle by selecting A&K M1873. “Its non-blowback gaseous power system will enable you to utilize the best airsoft green gas, imparting more speed and strength in the most demanding situations. Since this rifle has remained in our personal use for many years, we can assure you of the excellent performance of this rifle. Investing your money in this pick will be worth it.

7. Evike FN Herstal Scar-H CQB Licensed MK17 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle

FN Herstal Scar-H

  • Folding stocks
  • Realistic blowback performance

Evike FN Herstal Scar-H CQB Licensed MK17 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle by VFC falling in the category of the larger sized gas-powered sniper rifles is the best airsoft gas sniper rifle of the modified design and hybrid construction. Shooting at longer distances will be more fun and exciting with this Evike MK17. The receiver of this sniper rifle is made with polymeric components. The polymer in this regard is molded by the injection method to make it further stronger and durable to accompany you for many years.

Evike-FN-Herstal-Scar-H-CQB-Licensed-MK17-best Gas-Blowback-Airsoft-Rifle
Evike-FN-Herstal-Scar-H-CQB-Licensed-MK17-best Gas-Blowback-Airsoft-Rifle

If you are looking for a gas-powered sniper rifle with multiple mounting options, then Evike MK17 will not be disappointing you in this regard. It comes with the upper receiver which is CNC machined. This receiver has also been integrated with the top rail the having a 20mm size. This assemblage is ideal for the mounting of optical and tactical accessories. You will be able to have an exclusively fine experience with the field shooting by using your Evike MK17 as you had never before.

The action of this gas-powered airsoft sniper rifle is realistic blowback. By this, we mean that the gun will lock itself in the open place after you have finished the last firing round. The stock of this sniper rifle is adjustable and also folding style made with premium quality polymer. When we used this fantastic rifle for rehearsal, we got a muzzle velocity of 415 to 430 fps for the BBs of the 0.20g weight and CO2 gas.

Folding stock with adjusable cheek rest in MK17 Evike FN Herstal Scar
Rails in MK17 Evike FN Herstal Scar - gas airsoft sniper
Multi Rails
Accuracy of target hitting by MK17 Evike FN Herstal Scar during field testing
Target hits

I loved this heavy looking baby. It looked so realistic that some Cop may ask for your license documents. Folding Stock and adjustable cheek rest are my favorite as they add to comfort during hours of field testing/shooting. I attached bipod, laser and torch with it and the rail still had ample space left for scope. Loved it. And you can check the accuracy from the above pic. Awesome isn’t it?

  • Flip-up sights
  • Folding stocks
  • Realistic blowback performance
  • Heavier pick

A wide range of the versatile options and features offered by the Evike MK17 needs your attention. You can be benefitted from all the fantastic features of accuracy, consistency in firing, and precision. Also, the durable construction will enable you to keep this fantastic rifle for many years. Purchase this great gun to enjoy the fire controls efficiently. If you invest your money in this incredible pick, it will not be disappointing you in the long run. Therefore, this is a worth considering option that you must go for!

8. Dragunov SVD FPS-600 Airsoft Sniper Rifle


  • Folding stocks
  • Realistic blowback performance

Designed after the Dragunov SVD sniper rifle this spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle is an amazing piece of craft. As it contains a wooden stock which is attached to the metal barrel and the gun is made out of metal. 

The 6mm caliber gun has a muzzle velocity of 600 feet per second. A powerful full and accurate sniper rifle the Dragunov SVD FPS600 spring is a good choice for airsoft players. Plus it is easy to maintain and relatively cheap.

I believe in general that the Dragunov SVD FPS 600 spring is a very good alternative to the SVD FPS 600 spring for airsoft players looking for an accurate and powerful sniper rifle.

There are several advantages to the rifle such as the affordability and the ease of maintenance, but on the other hand, it isn’t quite as some other sniper rifles, and cocking it after each shot is a manual process.

You might want to consider the Dragunov and Springs if you are looking for a powerful and accurate sniper rifle for airsoft. Other options may be available to you. However, you can find options if you are looking for a quiet sniper rifle or one that does not require manual cocking.

  • Maintainable and easy to use
  • Metal construction
  • Stock made of wood
  • Manual cocking required
  • Long-term use can be challenging

Final Words

The best airsoft gas sniper rifles offer endless possibilities to empower you with their gas-powered mechanisms. Victory in the operational field is guaranteed with the most trusted and high-performance ammunition you will acquire in 2024.

To be more specific, the best and the top-tier airsoft gas sniper rifle options are capable of boasting accuracy, consistency, and power in firing at your target. The best quality products that we reviewed for you are all thronged with the best features. However, we have selected the top four products that proved best when using them in personal settings. They are:


No, the normal and the best airsoft gas sniper rifles cannot shoot with the metallic BBs. They can fire plastic BBs. That is why they are considered safer for use for different recreational purposes and their use in warfare field-based operations

The simple answer to this question is yes. Airsoft sniper rifles powered by the gas are definitely preferable over the AEGs (Auto Electric Guns) because they come with more power and speed. Such aspects will enable you to do the hardest and fast shootings in the most realistic circumstances. Another issue with the AEGs (Auto Electric Guns) is that most products are criticized for short battery life. You will have to charge them and face the occasional issues of power shortages

You might use it for the smaller level game hunting, but we do not recommend you doing so because these rifles may injure the target animals from a longer distance. However, you won’t be able to achieve the killing. In this regard, we suggest you first do some practice. You should practice aiming at the tin cans before you can target the quails, ducks, and other animals. Once you gain expertise, then you can continue with small game hunting

You can find many sniper rifles from airsoft to consider procuring in 2023. However, based on our personal experience with them, we would recommend you these picks: H&K MP5 K-PDW CO2 BB Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle, ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle, Evike HFC VSR-10 Full Size High Power Airsoft CO2 Gas Sniper Rifle, and KWA AKG-KCR Full Metal 6mm Gas Blowback 40rd Airsoft Rifle.

You will be able to mount the advanced optical and tactical accessories if you purchase gas-powered sniper rifles from airsoft like Evike FN Herstal Scar-H CQB Licensed MK17 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle by VFC and ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

Your feedback and experiences are the essential things that help us in improving our content. Therefore, we are always keeping an eye on the comment section to benefit from your thoughts. We hope this review guide will help you make the best choice in excellent gas sniper rifles. Don’t forget to inform us about your experience in this regard. Thank you!

We started with 19 airsoft sniper rifles with scopes available in market and then after initial scrutiny of the 27 YouTube videos and 12 review articles through Qualitative research analysis using NVivo research tool, we narrowed down to 8 top of the line products. These guns were then tested by our experts comparing all the indices. The above review is the result of six hours of research and testing.